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GLOW IN THE DARK Rounded Cables

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Manufacturer: Case-Mod
Product Name: Glow In The Dark Rounded Cables
Reviewer: spec4999

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For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

Glow In The Dark Rounded Cables

Remember the old days when heat was barely a factor in desktop PC's? Well times have changed and now a couple of PC's in one room are hot enough to keep the room heated. BUT when things start to get hot there usually is more then one explanation for it. Ventilation plays a key factor when it comes to keeping things cool. Just like a refrigerator, air is sucked out leaving the innards cold and frosty. Well today we will be looking at rounded cables and by now I'm sure you have heard almost everything there is to hear about rounded cables. The first thing I noticed when I picked these beauty's up was the off-white color of them. When you look closer these cables give off that greenish white glow in the dark effect because these cables in fact...glow in the dark! So that means when you turn off your system at night or in a dark room your PC's guts will glow! This reminded me of a heat sink under a thermal camera as they faded out when the cold cathode was turned off. The fact that these cables are rounded, give you the "double score" feeling because they glow AND enhance system cooling performance. The one this that bothered me about these particular cables were the ends. On each opposite end of the cable the little triangle flap that covers the ATA connecter is loose so it will poke out once installed and can slide down the rest of the cable which will in turn block some air flow. One last thing I noticed and really go for is the wire braided mesh that is coated in the glow in the dark rubber, big thumbs up there. amazing what can be said about something as simple as cables. Also- when placed under a black light, these cables make an INCREDIBLE effect, pictures are available from


  • Rounded cables
  • Frees up airflow
  • Glows!
  • Nice braided wire mesh effect.
  • looks good with a window

  • The triangle like ends are moveable and can look bad in the window

    here's the ends we were talking about. Possibility of blocking airflow.

    I know this picture is blurry, but it's hard to focus a digital camera in the dark. This was withOUT a black light after flicking the lights off and on really quick. They charge VERY quick!

    Courtesy Of This is a shot of the cables under a black/UV-light.

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