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Oracle Graphics Appliqu

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Manufacturer: Oracle Graphics
Product Name: Appliqu?s
Reviewer: Vectrex

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

Oracle Graphics Appliqu?s


Today we will be taking a look at the Window Appliqu?s brought to you by Oracle Graphics. This particular product I am going to go over is a ?etched? appliqu?, and is about 3 in. by 7.5 in. Also, this is the custom appliqu?, featuring the TwistedMods logo. Let?s get rollin?!

The Product

The appliqu? is shipped in a plastic bag, and the actual appliqu? comes covered with a paper like material that it sticks to. The way it is shipped is fine, and really has no effect on the outcome of the appliqu? (like if it seems a little bent or something along those lines). I was very pleased with the shape the appliqu? was in when shipped to me.

The Installation

The installation consisted of cleaning the surface you were applying the appliqu? to, removing the paper material backing, applying the appliqu? to the surface, securing the appliqu? by running a stiff card (library card, credit card, etc) against the appliqu?, and then removing the second piece of paper material backing.

The installation was very easy, and was completed in less then 5 minutes. Also, it required very little tools or accessories etc. This is a big plus when it comes to case modders (notice how popular thumbscrews are?).


Overall, this product is great, for any new or old case modder. The installation is easy, and can be performed by almost anyone. Oracle Graphics also produces appliqu?s of various sizes, colors, and they can even do custom apm_idu?s! These appliqu?s can also be installed on different surfaces, not only window. Side panels, car window, and even your new painted switch. The other great thing is the price of these particular items. Even when ordering custom decals, these will still run you under 30 dollars.

If you?re looking for that last touch to spruce up your case, and still having some money left in that pocket of yours, then I recommend you pick up your custom appliqu?s today.

I would like to personally thank Oracle Graphics for this providing for the custom appliqu?s and this product to review. You can view their site at the following link,

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