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Applying Window Appliqu?s

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Applying Window Appliqu?s
Author: Lee ?Vectrex? Huffman

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Play With


I?ve written up this quick little how-to for all you folks that followed my directions and bought yourself some nice looking appliqu?s from Oracle Graphics. This will go by quick, because installation is pretty easy. Here we go?

The Process

First thing to do is plan where you?re going to place the appliqu?. It might be best to use a ruler and really plan out the placement, but for me, I?ll just eye it.

Clean the surface that you will be applying the appliqu? to. I used some glass cleaner on my lexan window. Anything like this will work.

Next, place a mist of water on the surface you will be applying the appliqu? to. This allows you to arrange the appliqu? before it sticks.

Next, remove the appliqu?s backing, and lay your appliqu? on the surface where you will be applying it. Make sure everything is straight and looks good at this point.

Use a credit card, library card, or anything similar to apply the appliqu? to the surface. I recommend moving from one side all the way to the other side, and off of the appliqu?. This helps prevent air bubbles.

Now you will want to remove the other backing of the appliqu?. Do this very slowly, making sure that you don?t pull any part of the appliqu? off the surface.

Now enjoy the results of your work. Throw a Cold Cathode behind it, and you?ve got yourself one good looking window.

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