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ZXMODS 4" Cold Cathode

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Manufacturer: ZXMODS
Product Name: 4" Cold Cathode
Reviewer: SpLiZaaT

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

ZXMODS 4" Cold Cathode

It is a necessity for every Case Modder to own at least one cold cathode- sometimes as many as 4 cold cathodes (in the same case). The most standard out right now is the 12? cold cathodes, but you shouldn?t always think that bigger is better. ZXMODS.COM provided this new 4inch cold cathode unit for our reviewing pleasure and we?ll let you know some of the main reasons we would go for this over a 12?. Coming straight from the mailbox, I took a look at the unit. The first things I noticed included the colored inverter heatshrink, and then I noticed the long cable between the inverter and the molex. I measured about 16 inches from the Molex connector to the inverter, which is a fair amount if you are considering placing the unit in any place in the case. The heatshrink covering the inverter comes in various colors including: black, clear, blue, yellow, green and red. Next, I took a look at the actual bulb and casing. The acrylic casing which the tube is in, seemed to handle some bending pressure fairly well. I was able to take my fingers on each end a bend it a little without breaking the bulb. The bulb, although CALLED 4?, really only showed 3.5? of light?where?s my other half inch? The standard switch with these kits are the normal round ?rocker? switches which are common among almost all cold cathodes on the net. After positioning the cold cathode where it could best be seen, I plugged it in and flipped the switch. To my surprise, it didn?t seem very bright at first, but as time went on, it REALLY started to get bright. At about 2 hours after I left it on, I was hardly able to even LOOK at it without seeing dots. As I went to unplug the unit, the felt the acrylic tubing which cased the bulb and it seemed really warm. I was surprised that such a small bulb would generate so much heat, but that?s what you get for more light!

This little light provides plenty of light for smaller spaces and mods like a cd-rom light up bay, underneath the case light, and lighting between PCI cards. With a 12? cold cathode, the possibilities are limited due to it?s huge size. For smaller cases, the 4? Cold cathode kit would even give off plenty of light! sells these full kits for $22.95. It?s a little bit expensive, but if you need some smaller lighting, ZXMods is the place to get it from. They come in a variety of colors- check it out!

This Picture is to give you a relation of size to a dollar bill. As you can see. they are extremely small, but look at that amount of light!

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