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Setting Up Your BG Micro VFD

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Now you?re ready to start this baby up for your first time. But first, you have to get your connections finalized. First, take your two pin connector that will power your VFD. The 5v line should connect to the 12th pin, and the ground line should connect to the 13th pin. See below for more detail on the pin layout.

Now for the serial connection. Use the two pin connector and connect the serial pin to the 17th pin on the VFD.

Now plug that baby in to your PSU, and listen to her hum (or in this case watch the blinking under score).


There are a few routes you can go in this case. If you?ve got the money, I recommend you pick up a copy of LCDC. This is a very nice program with lots of nice gadgets for your VFD.

If you?re running low on cash, and your looking for some freeware software, there are two good ones out there. First, there?s ?VFD2000?, which you can pick up here. Next, you can use ?BG Micro VFD Thinger?, a program specifically written for use with the BG Micro VFD, which you can grab here.

These pictures below are examples of what you can do with the various software, though most of them are using ?BG Micro VFD Thinger?.

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