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VoiceCam II

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Manufacturer: Sasus
Product Name: VoiceCam II
Reviewer: SpLiZaaT

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

VoiceCam II

In a world filled with high tech video camera?s, digital still camera?s and voice recording devices ? some of us never stop to think about the handheld equipment. As our lives get more and more complicated, remembering something simple like homework or a phone number is no longer easy. Thanks to, important assignments and important memories can be captured with a small device called the VoiceCamII. Taking a first glance at this product, I thought nothing special of it, but after flipping through the user manual and playing around with it, I instantly fell in love. The 16megabyte Flash memory version, which we received for this review, is able to hold up to 500minutes of continuous voice recording and up to 500 images. Whether you are storing and idea for your future company, a website address, pictures of your dog or taking notes at a business meeting, leave that notepad and camera at home- all you need is this little unit. After recording cheesy messages like ?visit best source for online reviews? and taking pictures around the house, it was time to upload the images. The Software CD which was included with this box is pretty much the only way to get your information onto your computer. The software required a quick restart and I was on my way to saving voice messages and viewing my recently taken pictures. Recording was fairly simple, all it took was a push of one button and then talking into the built in microphone. To take pictures, all that was required was switching the modes from voice to camera and clicking the shutter button. EASY! The voice messages are playable through the VoiceCamII itself, but the pictures have to be uploaded to the computer when you are ready. As far as picture quality goes, the VoiceCamII was not very impressive. As you will see in the picture below, the pictures are a little discolored and blurry, but what do you expect? It fits in your pocket. The voice quality wasn?t terrible. Playback from the unit sounded pretty clear and even after uploading to the computer, it still sounded pretty clear.

If your computer is missing a web cam, have no fear- VoiceCamII has you covered. Using the software included with the product, the VoiceCamII has the capability of making 30 frames per second videos while staying connected to your computer through the USB. Again, the software was pretty self explanatory on how to use it. Installation was simple and there was possibly NO way that someone could end up messing their computer up.

If you are one of those people who make a lot of contacts and forget names, directions, phone numbers and assignments, you may want to consider the VoiceCamII. It takes very little time to figure out and has plenty of uses for every occasion. If you feel interested in this product, they are available from

As you can see, this product is fairly small. It will definately fit in your backpack, pocket and/or purse.

Here's an example of a picture taken with the VoiceCam II. As I said above, the quality isn't top notch, but what do you expect to get when it fits in your pocket?

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