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LED Pulser Kit by 5fame

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Manufacturer: 5Fame
Product Name: LED Pulser Kit
Provider: 5fame
Reviewer: BLaRG

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

Led Pulser Kit by 5fame

For those of you that have seen the cool pulsing power LED's on the Apple G4's and thought to yourself "I wish I could do that on my PC" your wait is over! The pulser is packaged in an anti-static bag to protect it from any damage. Included with this kit is the pulser unit, screws, nuts, plastic standoffs and of coarse instructions! The instructions included are very detailed and nicely done. They even give pointers on a couple good places to mount your pulser inside your case. I of coarse didn't choose either.


As you can see from the picture above, this unit is very professionally done. The black PCB adds to its sleek design. Basically this unit pulses up to 4 LED's in sequential order. There are 3 jumpers that control Speed, Mode and Power. Since these are jumpers there are only 2 settings for each. Personally, I would have liked to see some sort of throttle speed control for complete control and customization. There are also 2 screw holes for mounting inside your case.

Installation This is my 3.5" drive cage. I decided to remove it from my case to get a better view. It was pretty easy to find holes that matched up to the pulser. I still would have liked this unit to have some sort of heatshrink insulation on the bottom of it so you could just set it anywhere without having to mount it. Performance I did like the end result. You can see a clip of it here. I only had 2 LED's to test, one being 5volt (blue) and the other being 3.7volts (white). As you can see from the clip it looks better with lower voltage LED's.


The LED Pulser did impress me. I still would have liked to see more features on it. But for $19 it's a deal


- Sleek, professional design
- Super easy instructions
- Can support 4 LED's
- Makes my case look even cooler!
- Great deal!


- No throttle control
- No heatshrink insulation

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