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MacPower DigiDoc 5

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Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

DigiDoc 5

On first impressions the digital doc 5 is just amazing, it comes with a total of 8 sensors for monitoring Heat and Fan RPM, the unit is very good looking and comes complete in nice packaging. You get everything you need to set it all up and some nice instructions on a CDROM Disc that is included. There are 2 choices for heat sensors (provided). The Bulb Type Sensor Probe that can be stuck anywhere and the Flat Type Sensor Probe made for chipsets and CPU temperatures. Installation is very easy just take your time and read the instructions provided. The unit fits into a open 5.25? Bay on your case and hooks up to your standard molex power connector. Now those who say ?what a waste of a bay,? well check this out, the DigiDoc5 has rails for a hard drive with a 40mm fan built into it to cool your Hard Drive! Now how cool is that? I found this very useful and was pleased with this feature. Overall construction of the unit was top notch and the unit felt very sturdy with metal rails mounting it in place. The LCD Screen on the unit has a Orange Back Light so it can easily be seen at night. The Back Light Feature can be toggled to ALWAYS ON, ON during use, and always OFF. There are a lot of features on this unit and it takes a bit of playing around to set up the first time. Best thing about this unit is it remembers your settings you program into it using a ROM Chip so it wont loose your settings if it looses power. Another nice feature I noticed while testing this unit was on the LCD Screen it shows a Voltage Meter and tells you?re your REAL +5 and +12 voltage readings from your power supply! This is really nice and helps determine how good your power supply really is and if it is overloaded or not. In our tester system I setup about 7 total probes to measure the following Temps and Fan RPM:

  • CPU/Fan
  • HDD-1
  • HDD-2
  • Video Card
  • RAM/Fan
  • Case Temp
  • Room Temp
  • AUX Fan
  • Hdd Cooler Fans

    Under tests the unit ran flawlessly and I was really impressed with the performance and options on the unit. Another kick ass feature on this unit is the ability to set a certain temperature point and when the sensor reads that temp it will automatically kick on the specified fan until the temp of that sensor cools down!!!!! Very handy indeed. The only thing I really would like to see on this unit is the ability to control fan rpm?s and change a specified fan speed on demand, other than that this unit is almost perfect!

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