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Thermaltake Hardcano 5

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Manufacturer: Thermaltake
Product Name: Hardcano 5
Reviewer: BLaRG

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

So here we are again with another FINE product from one of the leading makers of thermal solutions. You can find our review of a previous version of the Hardcano (the Hardcano II) here.

This upgraded version of the Hardcano has a 3-way fan speed controller which replaces one of the thermal sensors. Thermaltake also upgraded the construction of the unit by making it a full enclosure for the hard drive. This adds strength and durability to the already well made product.


Fan Dimension 40x40x20 mm
Rated Voltage 12V
Power Input 1.32W
FAN Speed 5000?10% RPM
Air Pressure 1.50mm- H2O
Max. Air Flow 5.1CFM
Noise 23dBa
Bearing Type Sleeve bearing
Life Time 30,000 hours
Connector 3 PIN

The Hardcano is made of an aluminum housing and comes with a choice of a gold or silver cover. Inside the package are the HardCano 5 unit, a manual, a plastic bag with enough screws for mounting the unit inside the case and mounting the hard drive, the molex adapter and one piece of thermal tape.


There are a couple different applications for the thermal sensor. The most common would be to place the sensor on the bottom of your processor (which the thin wires make possible) or to the outside of your hard drive. As far as assembly, the Hardcano 5 comes pre-assembled and all you have to do is mount your hard drive, plug in the molex ad ther to your power supply and plug in whichever fan you want to control with the 3-way switch.

Performance The Hardcano 5 worked flawlessly as there isn't much to this device to go wrong. The thermal sensor works as advertised, as does the Fan controller. However, the 40MM fan doesn't do much in the way of hard drive cooling. If you are needing more than average HD cooling, there are several other products available that will better suit your needs. The most value of this product for me lies in the fan speed controller. It is a nice feature to be able to bump up the fan speed when the CPU needs more cooling and turn it back down and quiet your PC.


As the Hardcano was designed for the case-mod/enthusiast crowd, I think Thermaltake did a great job at providing several different cooling solutions into one solid product.


-does good at quieting the hd (if it is loud in the first place)
-a great little addition to any case
-great styling


-Monitors temp in only Celsius (can be a Pro or Con)

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