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Video Card Makeover - Part I

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Crystal Orb Installation

Now that everything is prepared, it's time to install the Crystal Orb. This is a simple process. Let's start with the thermal compound. We will be using some Arctic Silver 3, some of the best compound out there.

You want to start with a large dot in the middle of the GPU, if you end up needing more, you can apply more later.

Now you want to use a credit card or something similar to spread your dot of compound around the surface of the GPU. You dont want the layer of compound to be too thick, but you dont want it too thin either.

After everything is evened out, your ready to install the Crystal Orb. Now, first thing you need to do is locate the two holes in your video card's PCB that the black clips on the Crystal Orb will drop into. After you've located those, just do as said before, drop the black clips right into those holes, and push down on the clips. The Crystal Orb should now be installed.

Ramsink Installation

The ramsinks installation process is very similar to installing the Crystal Orb. We will be using Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive.

Use a paper plate or another object that you can throw away, and place one dot of Part A, and one dot of Part B on the plate. These dots need to be close to the same size, since we want a 1:1 ration between Part A and Part B.

Now, mix those two dots together. Here you have your finished adhesive. Now it is time to apply it to each memory chip. This is the same as applying to the GPU. Just spread it out along the surface of the chip, and then apply the ramsink to the adhesive. Get it all centered on the chip, and then allow around 15 minutes for the adhesive to dry. Now your ramsink is there, stuck in place.


Now your old boring looking video card is sporting it's new hot rod look.

Stay tuned for Part II when we cover overclocking your new slick looking card. Also, remember you can get you hands on the ramsinks and a whole line of Arctic Silver products at PhamComputer, as well as a Crystal Orb and other GPU coolers at CoolerGuys.

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