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CaseAce GearGrip-LT

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Manufacturer: CaseAce
Product Name: GeaGrip-LT
Reviewer: BLaRG


Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review


Tired of lugging around that heavy computer box the old fashion way? If you are a LAN party addict or frequently moving your box about like myself, then the creative innovations found at Case Ace just might be able to provide that extra hand you are looking for.

The Gear Grip-LT is a computer carrying harness, by Case Ace Products, that can be adjusted to fit all boxes that are 60 inches or less in circumference. Once the computer harness is attached, the harness provides an ultra convenient way to carry the box. This harness is made of durable nylon fibers and is rated to fit and carry computers weighing up to 70 pounds! The buckles ar made out of durable high-impact plastics. I own the Geargrip Pro harness and have been using it for years. It has NEVER broken or come unclipped!

By following the simple five step instructions, provided with the Gear Grip, I was able to open the package, read the instructions, adjust the straps and attach it to my box within ninety seconds or less. Another great feature is the rubber coated handle. This makes carrying heavier cases a little less painful

If this sounds like your kind of gear, please visit CaseAce today and find out what you have been missing!

-Easy to adjust and use
-Makes lugging around your case MUCH easier
-At $19.95 it's a great deal!

-None that I can think of

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