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Nikao ATOS Case

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Manufacturer: Nikao
Product Name: ATOS
Provider: Nikao
Reviewer: BLaRG

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

Often times the same old standard PC case gets pretty darn boring; that cheesy beige look just is not hip anymore these days. Until now your office, home or bedroom was stuck with that ugly looking case that stuck out like a sore thumb. Now days, PC enthusiasts, who are concerned not only with the way a computer operates but looks as well, have developed a personal touch to PCs that not only make them look great but can also display some personality traits of the user as well.

WWW.NIKAO.NET provides a revolution in "computer-style", pre-modified cases that are just as unique and personal as its user. A pre-modded case not only enhances the look of the room that the PC resides, but it also lets off a bit of a hint about what kind of person the user really is.

The pre-modded computer box pictured above offers many beneficial designs that are sure to protect and enhance the performance of any computer. First of all, the stylish futuristic look makes it a great choice. The top two 5.25" bay covers double as fronts for CD-ROM drives. This means no ugly beige drives (motto: "way beyond beige") messing up it's sleek design. Another great feature of this case is it's design. No space inside of the case is wasted! Design is very important when it comes to choosing a case. As far as cooling design goes, small slits have been made into the side panel for extra ventilation, a blow hole vent has been added to the top of the case, this case even comes complete with a CPU air duct. This is a feature that is rarely included in cases today. Nikao went a step further and added in a side panel oval case window. The only deceiving thing about this case is it appears to be aluminum, which it is not.

Back view sporting the silver thumb screws for easy removal of side panels.

Inside view showing off all the spacious room... This case contains 6 3.5" bays and 4 5.25" bays! The internal utilization of this thing is amazing!

The pre-modded window that comes installed with the case! Just add some cool cathode lights and your sure to be a hit at that next lan party.

At first I had some doubts about this case (as I always have doubts about pre-modded cases) but this case did surprise me.


-Sleek design
-2 cd-rom fronts
-great space utilization
-cpu fan duct


-stock airflow is too obstructed
-window is kinda cheap looking

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