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Dremel Rotary Tool Kit #3956-01 w/Flex Shaft

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Manufacturer: Dremel
Product Name: Rotary Tool Kit #3956-01
Reviewer: Vectrex

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

The Tool

Depending on how long you have been in the modding scene, you may or may not have heard of the Dremel rotary tool. This is a very popular tool among case modders, and a very high quality one at that. Along with case modding, this tool can be used for tons, and I mean tons of different uses. Let's move along and look at the specifications and overall design of the tool.

Drawing 120v and 1.15 amps of electricity, the tool weighs in at 18 oz. It is a pretty lite tool for it's size, which will allow you to maneuver it with ease.

The paticular model that we will be covering today, the Variable-Speed MultiPro Tool, runs at a number of different speeds, hence the name "Variable-Speed". You've got a choice of running this tool from 5,000 rpm, all the way up to 35,000. Why is this good? This will come in handy when you start working with materials such as Plexiglass and Lexan. Cutting such materials requires cutting at slower speeds, or else these peices will melt right away. This feature is a very important and most definetely a useful one.

This model also features a nice rubber surface towards the top, with two grooves for placing your fingers (usually your two thumbs). The whole surface of the tool has a very friendly feel, making the use of it very comfortable. I've gone about using this tool for over an hour straight, and never once had any problems with my hands hurting or aching.

Changing bits is never a challenge with this unit. All that is required is to hold down the small chrome "pin" towards the top end of the tool, and twist the retaining device. This loosens the hold on the bit, allowing you to remove it and replace with the new desired bit.

The Bits

Now that we've got the actual tool covered, we will look over some of the bits and accessories that dremel has to offer, and what we can do with them.

The first bits we will look at are the grinding and sharpening bits. These are used when your in need of a tool that can sharpen those scissors of yours, or grind away at that peice of steel or aluminum. There is a very wide variety of styles and shapes, and you can check all of them out here at the Dremel website.

The next set of bits we'll take a look at are our cutting bits. These are probobly among the most oftenly used bit when it comes to case modding. You can use these for cutting window, fan holes, holes for switches, and the list goes on. Out of all of these bits, you will probobly find the "Cut-Off Wheel" to be the best out of the choices given. I personally recommend the fiberglass reinforced cut-off wheel, as it tends to last longer and be much stronger. Take a look at your choices here.

Onto the cleaning and polishing bits. Most likely you will not find these too useful during your case modding sessions, but if you have other hobbies like models etc, you may find these useful. Since this is a very rarely used item, we will be moving right on.

Next on the list we have our sanding bits. You will find these very useful for things like cleaning up your cuts (windows, fans, etc.). There are a variety of different grit bits, I recommend using a very course one for smoothing out your metal or aluminum cases.

Last but not least, we have our carving and engraving bits. Recently, people have been using these to create their own etches in their windows etc. This is a very challenging and advanced project, but if you have the skills, then these will help you out in the process.


There are a couple accessories available for the Dremel rotary tool that may come in handy when doing case mods. Lets run over a couple just to give you an idea of what these have to offer.

The flex shaft is an extension of the Dremel. It acts as somewhat of a rope. Attach one end to the Dremel, and the other end to your bit. Now you have a flexible extension of your dremel, allowing you to turn, twist, and move the dremel like never before. This is a personal favorite of mine when working on etches and other work that requires intricate and precise cuts.

Another of my favorite accessories is the Multipurpose Cutting Kit. This peice attaches to the end of your dremel, turning your dremel into something much like a mini-router. This is another great tool for working with plexi. You get very precise cuts, and avoid the havoc of trying to cut plexi with Cut-Off Wheels. This is another highly recommended attachment.

This is just a very small look at what Dremel has to offer in the accessories category. To check out all of their crazy gizmos, you can take a look at this page.


In the end, you can see that the dremel is a very high quality tool, and is a must have for any case modder. With the amount of bits, accessories, and attachments that dremel has to offer, there's nothing you can't do, only your imagination will hold you back. To find out where you can get your own dremel, take a gander at this page. You can grab one of these beauties for around 80 dollars. Happy Modding!

The Picture above is of SpLiZaaT using a dremel tool to cut his new cube. You can see the precise cut is makes with a steady pair of hands and patience.

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