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The Switch

The switch is very basic, just like in any other kit. It is not required that you install the switch, but it will definetely come in use if your the kind of person that leaves his/her machine on all night.

To help you out with the installation of the switch, the kit includes a template (it's a sticker). This can help you out with placement of the switch and cutting the right size hole. Just stick that on your case and go at it with the tool you prefer.

Cold Cathode Restraint

Your probobly wondering, after we've covered everything about the kit, what is going to hold this thing in place? Well my friend, that's where the strips of velcro come in. Place one peice at each end of the cathode, and the opposite peice to the case. This will hold your tube right in place. You can also put that left over velcro to use on your inverter.


Looking back on this particular kit, this is one of the nicest I have come across in person. Great size, great quality, and most of all, GREAT LIGHTING! A very wonderful kit at one heck of a price. At $20.00, this thing is a STEAL!


- very small
- puts out tons of light
- very low price


- none

Thanks again to for providing us with this product to review.

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