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Vantec 80mm Tornado Case Fan

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Product Name: 80mm Tornado
Reviewer: Steveman

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

Here's a soundfile which splizaat put together to demonstrate the LOUDNESS of the fans

When I first set my eyes on the following product I was pretty much thinking the same thing as the other fans I have seen. The fan looks pretty nice and beefy for an 80mm. This unit sports a high quality fan grill, and even RPM Monitoring! On Installation I was blown away! Literally!!! This fan was so powerful it scared me. I then checked the specs on this puppy and was shocked to see it rated at over 80cfm!!! The first thing I noticed about this fan was the massive air flow, this thing is no wimp, and I could feel the air over 6 feet away!!! The next thing I noticed was the noise of this bad boy. It was pretty darn loud for an 80mm fan. One of the loudest fans I have ever heard. I was so impressed by this fan I will be ordering a great big amount of these for my personal system and at $18.00 apprx. it?s kind of a hefty price. But when you experience one of these fans for yourself you will know why it?s well worth the money. These babies are pretty much top of the line, it doesn?t get any better than these fans. If the noise is too much for ya simply purchase a rheobus controller for them but make sure it can handle the watts these puppies need and you should have no problems keeping your case cool anymore. Just 1 of these fans dropped our tester case over 10F!!! Imagine what 2 or 4 of them would do!?! If you are a serious overclocker or want a cold computer without the water mess then these are for you.

Cons: Power Consumption (Will not work with most rheobus' although we did find it to work well with the Innovatek Rheobus - See reviews 1), Noise - Which can be cured with SOME rheobus'

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