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Vantec Everlite Keychain

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Product Name: Everlite Keychain
Reviewer: Steveman

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

From Vantec comes a nifty little product called the Ever-Light. The Ever-Light is a small portable flash light LED that is very bright! The package claims it can be seen from over 1mile so I decided to test this puppy out. I had a friend of mine shine it at me from about 1/2mile away and to my amazement I could see it pretty easy. So then I had him drive me even further away to about 1 full mile and I couldn?t believe it, I could just barely see it but it was still there. Since this distance was so great we had to use Walky talkie?s to communicate between each other for these tests and a car to drive us the distance. I have been using this light for about 1 week now and it?s very nice, I have had to use it at night when I was working under the hood of my truck to make an adjustment to my carb and it was plenty bright for the job. The unit comes with a small keychain ring so you always have it when you need it. I even tested it at night on the top of my room comparing it to the Microsoft Intell Mouse Optical v3.0 and it blew the Microsoft mouse away no problem! My friends were pretty impressed with this small little compact light. Go pick yours up today at and never get left in the dark again!

Cons -Other Colors Needed -A widerspread Of Light for a Flashlight effect would be more useful other than an LED effect for distance.

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