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Vantec Iceberg VGA Cooler + Chipset Cooler

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Product Name: Iceberg VGA Cooler + Chipset Cooler
Reviewer: Steveman

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

From Vantec comes a nice new shiny copper vga cooler. On close inspection this cooler looks pretty darn good, the contact surface is near perfect with no defects or scratches, and the finish is very impressive. The package comes with the HSF, some thermal compound, some thermal adhesive, some small clips, 2 Copper chipset sinks and to top it all off a cool little power adapter to convert the power connection to Molex! The video card we installed the Vantec CCB-A1C on was Visiontek?s Geforce3 ti200 64meg AGP Card. Temps were taken using the Digital Doc 5 thermal probe attached to the back of the video card where the CORE is located. Installation was pretty easy and there were no problems, we decided to install the heatsink using the Clips, the Compound and attached it to the stock holes on the GF3. When applying the heatsink compound spread a nice thick amount over the whole GPU with your finger until the entire area is covered. Then simply install the heatsink and clip it down into place! On boot up I was surprised to see a temperature difference of 107.1F!! (Stock = 125F) in Idle Temperature on our tester GF3 ti200 at stock speed. Then I decided to test out this baby and see what she?s got, so I overclocked the GF3 ti200 to 520 MHz Memory and 240 MHz Core then loaded up some CS and played for awhile. There were no visual defects or lockups at all! As before after 10min it would always freeze at these settings. I was very impressed with the results, then I proceeded to do a Timerefresh on de_dust to see the FPS I was getting and was shocked to see it reporting 689fps @ 1024x768!!!! I was seriously amazed and happy with the results of this cooler. Performance was top notch and for only $14.00 you just can?t afford to pass this up if you overclock your video card. And to those who don?t overclock this HSF can still help you, see the stock fans that come on today?s video cards are pretty crappy and cheap. They tend to wear out and die after a short time due to the cheapness of the fans installed. So replacing your stock cooler with this unit will benefit you because it will last longer, run cooler, and prolong the life of your video card. So pick one up today at!


-Installation Can be a bit tricky on certain cards

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