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SunBeamTech Dual Cold Cathode Kit

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Product Name: Dual Cold Cathode Kit
Reviewer: Steveman

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

There are many cold cathode kits out there, but very few of them have the quality and brightness at an affordable price that I look for. When I first saw this kit I was pleased to see the inverter wrapped and 2 cold cathodes on the same inverter not to mention a heavy duty plastic guard around the cathodes and a nice quality on/off switch with quick connect fittings that actually can be removed and reinstalled easily. This kit has it all, the lights are a very nice and bright blue and red color, although the red looks somewhat pink in a way, this is debatable between people as several over people said ?its RED? and some others said ?its PINK.? I will let you look at the pics and be the judge on that one. The inverter is high quality with quick disconnects on the cathode hookups and also what surprised me was the provided extension on the on/off switch for those cases that just don?t reach. Over the testing period we ran into ZERO problems except where to mount them in the case! I would highly recommend this kit because just 1 CC light is never enough in a modded case anymore and this case gives you the perfect amount?2!

here's Steve-0 Showing off those BRIGHT cold cathodes.

-Wires from inverter to CCFL were to short to allow placement of once CCFL up top and one CCFL on the bottom of a case.

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