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ShatteredWeb Custom Appliqu

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Product Name: Custom Appliqu?s
Reviewer: Steveman

Thanks to
Shattered Web
For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

After seeing all the window kits at LAN?s with no graphics I started to take a dislike to windows until the folks over at sent us some really cool Window Appliqu?s. On arrival we were kind of disappointed to find a few bubbles in the appliqu?s. This is a minor set back although more of a personal pet peeve. Installation was generally easy although can be tricky if you have never done one of these before. Wetting the surface is key to removing other small air bubbles when the appliqu?s sits on the glass. Using the provided plastic card helps smooth the bubbles out if they are minor but in our case that wasn?t possible. As you can see we installed a nice version of Counterstrike appliqu?. Upon notification to ShatteredWeb about the flaw, resulted in a very prompt reply the same day! Wow that?s customer service! These baby?s sell for about $7.50USD each and you cant go wrong. When you see the look on peoples faces at the LAN?s you will know what were talking about! Assorted colors are available from The Shattered Web including original etch, blue, green, red and others... Go check them out today and you wont be let down by crappy customer service!

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