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Creating a Tester PowerSupply

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Creating a Tester PowerSupply

Here at the labs we find ourselves time after time with no easy way to quickly test fans, CC lights, and other Molex connector devices. So we decided to mod an ATX power supply into a tester! Now since we won?t be using this power supply for motherboards we did some pretty crazy mods to our tester as you will read in this guide which will teach you how to make your own! **WARNING THIS MOD VOIDS YOUR PSU WARRANTY** is not responsible for any damage or injury during this MOD and you should proceed at YOUR OWN RISK. Power supplies can be very dangerous when opened up and worked on due to the fact that power supplies can hold a deadly amount of voltage for a long period of time even after the unit has been switched off and unplugged. Before attempting this MOD I would let the power supply sit for about 1 week so that all the power stored in the capacitors has been drained out of the psu. Now the first step for this MOD is to find the atx power supply activation wires (the wires that make the PSU turn on) Here in this picture you can see the correct wires to use for the PSU activation circuit. (Green Wire and any black ground wire) After you have found these wires simply splice them together and use a soldering iron to keep the connection tight. Then make sure to cover the wires with Electrical tape to insure no shorts occur. Now for our MOD we cut all the rest of the ATX motherboard power connectors since we won?t need them anymore. But when you do this make sure you cover the ends of the wires with Electrical tape to insure nothing shorts out as this can kill your PSU. We also cut off the p4 atx connectors since we wont need those either. Repeat the steps of covering the wires with electrical tape for safety. After everything is complete simply put the PSU back together and test it out! It should power up as soon as you plug power into it. Now you have an awesome tester power supply you can whip out quickly and test anything with Molex connections! If you would like to find info about purchasing or installing the clear cover window kit for your PSU goto : PSU Mod How-To

A Glance of the two "hot" wires...

Here We are clipping all the ATX connector and p4 connector wires.

Once Cut, you have several open ended wires..DANGEROUS

A Nice electrical tape job does nicely.

After everything is shielded proceed with soldering the "hot"wires...

Once the cover is back in, here she lies in all her glory. Flip the switch on that baby and test all the fans m CCFL's and LEDS you want!

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