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Heatsink Roundup 8-5-02

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Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

Swiftech MCX-462U Heatsink/FAN

From Swiftech comes there latest creation, the MCX-462U. This unit is very unique in many ways. First off there is no fan included with this monster size copper base/alum fin heatsink. Included is hardware to mount the heatsink on an Intel setup or AMD setup and some directions. The cool thing about this heatsink is it?s made to fit an 80mm FAN! So you can put those monster size fans on it to get maximum cooling. For testing we used a Brushless 2500rpm 80mm FAN that did the job, but a faster fan would improve cooling. The fins on this heatsink are like nails in looks and appearance yet leave a very custom look. The whole heatsink looks like a bed of nails, its pretty neat seeing this instead of the traditional fins many heat sinks use. The downside to this heatsink is the mounting; there are no clips on this heatsink. Due to the weight of the heatsink you must have 4 holes around the CPU Socket of your motherboard to mount this heatsink. This is the best possible way to keep a heatsink of this size stable and to no crack your CPU. Even though it uses the 4 whole mounting I would still use a CPU SHIM just due to weight concerns. Installation is a pain because removing the motherboard is required to install this heatsink, and we all know how much that sucks. Quality on this heatsink is very impressive, the only complaint I have is the Nylon nuts for the studs to mount the heatsink, I wish they were metal so I could get a wrench on them and not have the risk of stripping the nuts so that when I wanted to remove the heatsink for any reason I wouldn?t have to remove the whole motherboard again. Here are the results we got in our testing:



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