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InovaPC Case Mod Magazine - Octavian Busuioc

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Company: InovaPC
Person Interviewed: Octavian
Company Position: Vice President
Date: 08.21.02
Interviewer: SpLiZaaT

Thanks to

For Allowing Us To Get An Interview

TwistedMods: Hello Octavian Busuioc, we are pleased that you were able to take time off to be with us and answer the many question we have for you this evening.

TwistedMods: First I would like to ask you what your current position is in the new InovaPC magazine and what you do.

InovaPC: My current position at Inova PC is vice president. Mainly, right now, I take care of part of the technology section of the magazine, as well as represent the magazine to both advertisers and the media, and do basically all around tasks revolving around InovaPC.

TwistedMods: Would you mind telling us the MAIN purpose(s) of the new magazine? Its goals?
InovaPC: Our main goals revolve around bringing modification and in depth technology articles to the market, all in one accessible magazine. We are aiming it at pretty much anyone who is interested in learning about computer modification as well as technology. Our magazine is composed in such a way that it will appeal and be understood by both those which have been following the industry for a long time, and to those which are just trying to get into it.

TwistedMods: What kind of things will be featured in upcoming articles?
InovaPC: For the first issue, we are looking at quite a few things. On the modification side, we have articles ranging from Jim ?Jesder? Rouse?s dremel guide, to an in depth look at air cooling, to building a briefcase pc, and even how to convert a car heater core for water cooling. On the technology side, we are looking at a review of the Matrox Parhelia, an in-depth explanation of ATI?s Radeon 9700 and an article explaining the AMD Opteron, just to list a few.

TwistedMods: I am sure we have all been wondering where the name "InovaPC" came from. How did your staff come up with the name? How did you single this one out?
InovaPC: Actually? it was an incredibly long tedious process. I don?t remember quite exactly, but I remember many meeting sessions for a long two week period with different names. Funny thing is it took us that long to notice an obvious. We built this publication on innovation, and modification requires much of it. Thus, we had on one side, Inova, on the other PC, and it just made perfect sense. Well at first we had Innova, but that was just awkward.

TwistedMods: In your opinion why is InovaPC worth mine and everyone else?s money? What do I get out of InovaPC that I don't get out of the dozens of mod sites on the Internet (including TwistedMods)
InovaPC: Well, the obvious is the advantages of paper print, starting with the simple share amount of articles available to read at one source, to the impeccable quality of the images within the magazine. What makes us truly unique is our incredible staff, which is comprised of the industries best writers and modders, which results in the highest quality articles out there. If you look over the staff list posted out our site, you will most likely recognize the names of most, if not all our writers. One more advantage, which is more of an advantage of print overall than online, is that the articles are there for you to check whenever you wish to. Websites sometimes take articles down to save bandwidth and space, or a multitude of other reasons. With a magazine, you know it is always there, on paper, in your collection. Of course, there are many more advantages, but those are pretty much the top which I can think of at this time.

TwistedMods: Will you have a section for new modders explaining the basics and fundamentals of case modding? If so, how do you plan going about this?
InovaPC: We are actually planning to publish an article on the history of modification, as well as our articles will include basic modding principles. Only that we will take them up to the next level. For example, in our first issue, Jim provides the first part to a full fledged dremeling guide. By reading the article you will pretty much easily learn how to cut a window, but also by all the details and extra techniques provided, you will also learn how to cut, let?s say, the InovaPC logo onto a side of a case as Jim has done so for this article. We will also have quite a bit of online content to get new modders to read over if there is anything in the magazine which did not quite fully explain the certain bases of a topic. Also, if you are a subscriber you will never be lost when it comes to articles which flow from issue to issue. All past articles will be available online to those which have subscriptions to the magazine.

TwistedMods: Will this magazine be targeted more towards newer modders or will it be leveled out for the more advanced modders?
InovaPC: Actually, as mentioned before, I believe that the both new modders and advanced modders will enjoy reading the magazine. We are targeting both groups. Thus, using techniques which are mentioned above, we manage to not make a user feel like a project is too challenging or too unchallenging.

TwistedMods: What gave you the idea to start this magazine?
InovaPC: Wow, I?m not quite sure if I can truly explain this in one paragraph here, but I?ll try to be brief. The industry and case modification are pretty much at one of the many technological peaks it would achieve at the moment. With our previous positions at various web-sites which some of us still possess, we all have been able to embrace case culture. In a way it can compared to the car modification culture, which in many ways is still around. We all believe that case culture is a trend which is here to stay for a long while to come, and its possibilities are endless. I believe though, the main reason revolves around our will and wish to bring some of the best content out there to our readers. And a magazine format was the best way to do so.

TwistedMods: How long did it take you to establish starting this magazine and its foundation and ideas?
InovaPC: If I remember correctly, we started talking in depth about the possibility in early October. There have been many ups and downs till we got here, but if anything, much was accomplished even through the downs. Considering that only two days ago we have gone officially public with the magazine, the establishing period would be from early October till August 3rd.

TwistedMods: What kind of system will you use on your reviews to help new modders to understand the ups and downs of the products?
InovaPC: We will be using a percentage based grading system for the overall grade of the product. Also, to notice is the fact that grades will be quite strict, and a product will have to be quite unique, innovative, and provide a very high performance to achieve a grade of over 90%. To supplement the overall grade, there will be a breakdown of what was graded and the grade in each category. That will give people a much better idea of what the product?s strengths and weaknesses are. Of course, the pro?s and con?s of each product will be clearly mentioned in the article body.

TwistedMods: Do you personally have a modded case? What have you done to it?
InovaPC: Actually, I have modded two cases in the past couple of years, one of which is not in my posetion any longer. The first was a YY101 MicroATX tower. A window was cut, it was painted in two different shades of silver, it has two 60mm blowholes, a compunurse mounted on the front bezel for the CPU core, and a cold cathode, an aluminum handle. Peripheral wise, it is an Athlon 1.1ghz box (yes o/c), with an Asus motherboard, one gig of ram, and a GF2 Ultra modded into a Quadro II Pro. Wiring was fixed up using mostly split loom due to the lack of anything else at the time, and it was finished off with aluminum blue anodized thumb screws and a blue tinted window with chrome molding. This box is not in my possession any longer, since it was originally designed to be a portable 3d rendering powerhouse, I has been put in the hands of someone who can truly use it as such.

My current case is actually a project in the works. It is a Lian Li PC61 anodized red on the inside. Right now, it has a stealth cd-rom with a red painted tray, almost fully matching peripherals inside (red motherboard, all black cards, besides video and networking which will be replaced soon), all red heatsinks, silver rounded cables, a maelstrom as well as an assortment of led switches. The power supply cables have also been cut down and remolexed to proper size and now they are covered with proper braided sleeving. In the future I am installing a crystalfontz red/black LCD, as well as sometime in the near future a custom window.

TwistedMods: We see that on your website there is not a posted price on yearly subscriptions yet. Have you decided on a price yet?
InovaPC: We actually have indeed decided on a price, and it shall be $29.99 a year to subscribe for the magazine. There will be a discount for two year subscriptions as well, though it has yet to be set in stone so to speak.

TwistedMods: Well thanks again for taking the time to answer our questions. I am sure our fans are just as happy as we are with the interview. Good luck with InovaPC- keep us up to date on new happenings/ideas!

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