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LCD Shield Harness

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Manufacturer: CaseAce
Product Name: LCD Shield Harness
Reviewer: SpLiZaaT

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

As we all know, LCD monitors are in no way a ?cheap? investment. They can cost up to several thousand dollars for top of the line. Along with the investment, comes the responsibility to keep the lcd in WORKING order during transportation- especially to LAN parties. For this purpose, CaseAce has created an LCD owner?s best friend?The CaseAce LCD Shield Harness. The LCD Harness is composed of one side being made of durable, thick material to prevent damage to the actual LCD screen. Wrapped around the stiff honeycomb insert is a piece of softer foam on each side to give your LCD Harness just enough shock protection to protect it. On the top of the LCD Harness is CaseAce?s famous rubber, durable handle. You will find that this style handle is placed on almost every caseace design to date to ensure a firm grip on your equipment. On the back of the LCD Harness is a nice mesh pocket which can be used to place power cables along with any other small things you may have for your monitor inside. The LCD Harness straps to your LCD with thick industrial sized buckles and adjustable straps to ensure a tight fit on ANY monitor. When we went to test this on our Compaq fp700 15? LCD Monitor, we found that it did not fit so we did not actually have the chance to test it?s abilities, but it looked and felt heavy duty for even the toughest conditions it faces. The LCD harness comes in sizes for both 15? and 17? lcd monitors in red and blue. If you are tired of using two hands for such a light piece of equipment, we?d suggest you pick up an LCD harness for around $40.00 at !

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