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Nexland PRO800turbo 8port Router

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To state some of the facts of this product, it is EASILY capable of holding IP tables for up to 253 computers and with dual WAN ports, speeds should not be a problem! Also- if the Nexland router is used to business OR home use, the built in firewall is always a good thing. Protection of a network is ALWAYS a problem with today?s technology. Although hackers have the ability to get past selected firewalls, it does make it harder to get through and you may be overlooked as a hacker resorts to a person who DOESN?T have a firewall.

Some cool things I found out about the Pro800turbo by reading Nexland?s website and other reviews are that if you have two connections plugged into the pro800turbo, and one of the two connections seems to go down, al traffic is then placed on the line which has not gone down and the network is switched with little to no downtime what so ever. After checking out the firmware options further, I also learned that if you have a line which you prefer to be used more, you are able to set traffic percentages for each wan port, so one connection will get more traffic than the other if it is faster. After looking for more things to write about, I noticed something missing. Something that every product ever bought from any company should have. Something that every new user should have for their product. AN INSTRUCTION MANUAL! That?s right, either Nexland accidentally forgot about an instruction manual with this box, or they never include one with the pro800turbo, but either way, it was noticeable. If I was a new user just setting up a business network, what would I do if I knew little to nothing about routers? I would be forced to spend even hundreds to thousands more to have a professional come out and hook it up for me.

Here?s a table I made to show some of the specs of the Nexland Pro800turbo.

Wan Ports






Max. # Of Computers


Firmware Flashable


Max. Bandwidth

9.5mbps throughput

Processor Type




After Hooking the router up at a friend?s house who just happened to have a dsl AND cable connection, we could immediately notice the difference in download speeds. While downloading a 10megabyte file off the net, we received the average speed of about 95kbps, and after hooking up the cable connection in the second wan port, we were receiving speeds well past 250kbps.

When I found out about the warranty offered on this product, I was mind blown. To see such a frequently used piece of equipment have a 5 year warranty was absolutely outrageous. I haven?t seen anything like it! Companies like Linksys only offer 1 year warranties! Just that number 5 on their website totally gave me the confidence that Nexland must have pretty good equipment manufacturing and engineering if they can stand by it for 5 years.

After reading this review, your mouth may be watering, but rest assured there IS a price to pay for such a product! Nexland sells these products for $399.00 USD on their site which is quite a hefty toll, but if you are looking for rock solid stability and security in any network, you should be more than willing to fork out the cash! You can buy this product from: .

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