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Evercool Chrome Fans (80mm and 92mm)

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Manufacturer: Evercool
Product Name: Chrome and Aluminum Fans
Reviewer: SpLiZaaT

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

Whether you are looking for a strong/effective fan or just a fan with a sleek design, Evercool has combined the two into the ?Aluminum Frame Case Fan.? was kind enough to send us a 92mm and an 80mm sample. After pulling them from the shipping packages, I gazed in ?aw?! These things were so shiny and beautiful, just waiting for some dust to build. After close inspection, I was surprised to find out that the outer frame was constructed of aluminum, but the propeller was in fact constructed by plastic, coated in ?chrome? color. We decided to conduct a quick scratch test while we took a look at the propeller, and the end results, the fan did chip with a little bit of force- more than usual wear and tear would cause. Flipping the fan over, we noticed the Evercool sticker. Evercool has been known for YEARS for their great, long lasting fans, which doesn?t surprise me when I take a look at the quality of these. The 80mm fan pushes nearly 37.27CFM at only 27dBa, whereas the 92mm fan pushes nearly 48.48CFM at only 28dBa. After plugging the fan in, It has hard to tell if they were even on! These things are STEALTH. The sound put out by both of these fans combined could not even come close to beating the sound of ONE of the stock 80mm fans in our Chieftec tester case. I had my friend, Dave, stand about 6 feet away from the 92mm version and he could still feel a slight breeze. If you just say ?no? to loud fans, and hello to cool looking fans with decent airflow, say hello to a new set of Aluminum/Chrome fans from The 80mm version sells for about $12.95 and the 92mm version sells for $13.95 ? just about an average price on ANY fan.

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