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Company: LiquidCooling
Person Interviewed: Brian
Company Position: Owner
Date: 09.02.02
Interviewer: KoiHoshi

Thanks to

For Allowing Us To Get An Interview

So what got you started in your business?
Inspiration came from

I realized the ideas that were presented were fundamentally sound yet not refined enough to trust in my own system. So, I came up with a better solution using a small tupperware container rather than a 5 gallon tub ;)

Was there a specific spark or detail about your business that made you want to keep doing it?
I've always wanted to be an entrepeneur. I really enjoy working to make satisfied customers.

How long have you been selling your products?
Since 1999. reviewed our kit, which was the first commercially available. Things really took off from that point.

What is the goal of your company overall?
To continue to expand and reach more international markets better.

In your opinion, what do you think of the products you sell as far as quality and the effects of using them among modders?
The quality AND price is excellent.

As compared to other companies, what do you think of your products?
Given the quality, price and performance of our products, our product is hard to beat. We are behind in the block design but that will soon change.

A question for new modders; What is the best product you sell that you would recommend to the new modders?
The 1/2" customized Aquastealth Kit. It is an excellent buy. For someone that is shy of cutting up their case, I'd suggest the Micro Stealth Kit instead. No case cutting required!

What do you think the demand for these products will be in the future for modding?
As future cpu's continue to give off more heat, the demand will increase.

Modding is becoming very popular and many people are taking it more seriously. How are you preparing for the new demand on products, systems, and modding in general?
We are focusing on the kits and watercooling components to provide the best product and price around.

What is or are the goals for your company in the future and for now, and what new services or products do you plan on providing the world of modding with?
Improved block designs.

If you could say one thing about modding, the modding business, and its popularity among all age groups, what would you say to wrap it up in one word?

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