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Product Name: Blizzard 720 Case
Reviewer: Vectrex

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review


Today we will be taking a look at the Blizzard 720 from For those of you out there that are not ready to start modding on your own, this could be the solution to your lack of a great looking modded case.

Case Exterior

The cases exterior consists of a thick steel body, and a heavy plastic front bezel. Located at the top of the front bezel is a door, which when swung open, it reveals four 5-1/4 in. bays, two 3-1/2 in. bays, a power and reset button, and two led's (power and activity).

The side panel features a very large window, which gives you a nice view of the cases interior. The window consists of a plexi-glass panel, and uses "locking strip" molding to hold it in place. I am a big fan of the windows shape, mostly because it gives you a good look at everything you would want to be seen, expecially your high end video card etc.

In the back there is your usual hole for your powersupply, as well as the holes for various sockets and ports on your motherboard and for your agp and pci cards. On top of the usual stuff, there is also two holes for two 80mm fans, both in the back and the front. This is a big jump from the usual one 80mm on most midtower cases.

Case Interior

The cases interior is what stands out most out of anything in this case. It includes six 3 1/2 in. bays, 4 5 1/4 in. bays, and tons of features that make installation and upgrades so much easier.

The first thing that I think is one of the most useful things about this case is the removable hard drive cages. Just pull back on the handle and slide it on out. This is great for installing new hard drives, adding more hard drives, and switching out old hard drives with new ones.

The second feature that surely is a nice one are the "Drive Rails". These are used on the 5-1/4" bays and make installation a snap. Just attach the rails to both sides of your drive using screws, and slide it into the bay you would like to use. Once you here the click, the drive is snug in place. Simple as that. The last one that we will be looking over is the fan brackets. This is another way to make installing a system in this case so much easier. The brackets hold your 80mm fan onto the bracket, then the bracket clicks right into the case. These are used both on the back two 80mm fans and the front two 80mm fans.


This case is awesome. This is one of the best bang for your buck deals I've seen on a pre-modded case. For any modding beginners out there that aren't quite confident enough yet with cutting their own case, then this is definetely a good choice for you. I would have liked to have seen a removable motherboard tray to go along with all of those other great goodies, but I guess you can't get it all for such a good price. Overall, pick this up if your looking for a pre-modded case!

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