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LianLi PC-7 Chassis

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Manufacturer: LianLi
Product Name: PC7 Chassis
Reviewer: SpLiZaaT

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

We just received another awesome Lian Case in the TM Labs. And let me tell you this is a very nice model to the buyers looking to save a few bucks yet want a more professional look. From Lian Li comes the PC7 Case, this case has most of the standard features that you come to expect from Lian Li including: Quality Construction, Carbon Fiber top and bottom inserts on the front bezel, 100% aluminum construction, attention to detail, and awesome cooling.

First off when testing this case I found quality 100% as usual, the front removable bezel has a really nice plastic male and female connection for removing the front bezel and replacing it, you will be assured its secure in place with the ?CLICK? sound it makes when put back on. There is a front mesh filter that can be removed and cleaned and even the case holding the mesh filter is aluminum! Inside the case there is expansion for (6) 3.5inch form factor hard drives in the bottom removable hard drive rack with the (2) intake 80mm?s blowing right on them to keep them cool. There are also (3) 3.5inch slots above that for a floppy, zip drive, or hdd?s if you would like. Then there are (4) 5.25inch bays for cdrom?s, digidoc?s, and much more. Expansion on this case is very good and I can?t really find any big limitations. One thing you will notice about lian li cases is the width of them, instead of being the tallest cases they are wider than other cases, this width gives you an awesome amount of room for hardware and cables. It?s hard to tell from pics but there is allot of room in these cases to get your hands in and out and nothing feels cramped.

The mirror like finish on the back of the case is incredible as you can see in the pic a coke can reflection can easily be seen! Up where the power supply mounts in the case you will notice there is a removable bracket design in place here. This is for power supply?s that have the 2nd fan on the top instead of bottom so you can easily flip the bracket around and whallah your fan is on the bottom where it should be  The only real problem I had with this case was the motherboard mounting style, instead of gold stand off?s that screw into the case, we are left with aluminum clips that clip into the case, testing proved to be tricky but they worked, but in my Lian Li PC70 over time they where out and become bent and don?t hold the motherboard very well. I would like to see lian li improve on this design with gold stand off?s that screw into the case to insure a solid mounting design. Our tester did not come with a Window Kit but one could be added with a little skill and a dremel tool with a Diamond Cutting Wheel in less than 1 hour. So if you?re looking to spend less and want an excellent quality case pickup a lian li pc7 as soon as possible and start turning heads at LAN?s!

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