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Black Crystal Mouse

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Manufacturer: Unknown
Product Name: Black Crystal Mouse
Reviewer: SpLiZaaT

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

If your looking for a cool looking new mouse that has optical technology and is different from the rest this next product is for you. This clear crystal optical mouse features a very sleek look and a unique clicking design. To click you simply roll your hand to the left or right! Using this mouse proved to be kind of weird at first in our labs; some people hated it, while others loved it. Under gaming I was disappointed in the performance, if you try and move the mouse in quick motions it just simply freaks out and you die. I would have to say this mouse is best suited for the Office User, who does word processing or even someone who just doesn?t game. Overall I think allot of thought was put into this mouse but the lack of windows xp driver support is also another big downfall of this unit. Included is a USB to PS2 adapter for those who prefer PS2 over USB, and during tests in XP we found it to work but not fully 100% stable. Driver updates would definitely be needed to use this device in most new up to date systems running Windows XP. MacOS support is there though, and since this mouse looks like it belongs on a iMAC I wasn?t surprised. So if you want a cool new looking mouse with a different style click then this baby is for you!

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