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Thermaltake SmartFan 2

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Manufacturer: Thermaltake
Product Name: SmartFan 2
Reviewer: SpLiZaaT

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

Lately there really hasn?t been a lot of very good 80mm case fans on the market. You can either get something that doesn?t push any air, or something that pushes so much air it keeps you up all night. From ThermalTake comes a great solution to this problem, The SmartFan2 features a few nice options. First there is a small fan bus switch included so you can control the speed of the fan to your liking, then included is a thermal probe that senses heat, the hotter the sensor the faster the fan spins! Let me be the first to say this puppy pushes very good air for its size, price and look. This has got to be the best case fan in the 80mm?s next to the Tornado?s. Noise isn?t too much of a problem with this fan unless jumpered to run FULL all the time, but even then its no where near the tornado?s noise output. So if you?re looking for a nice 80mm case fan that pushes allot of air and has a brain pick one of these up today!

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