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LianLi PC-6085T Aluminum Chassis *World Exclusive*

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Manufacturer: LianLi
Product Name: PC-6085T Aluminum Chassis
Reviewer: SpLiZaaT

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

You all have probably heard about Lian Li Cases before, and if you haven?t then sit back and check out this new review on the New Lian Li PC6 Case. Lian Li is known in the gaming world as ?Kickass Cases That Cool the Best? There is a reason for this title and I can vouch for that being a Lian Li owner myself. Over the years I have had many cases and none can even compare to a Lian Li Case. I have had tons of people who didn?t like them actually change there minds and take it all back when they get to actually see one up close and personal and build a system with one. See -LianLi pays very close attention to detail unlike most other manufacturers in the chassis industry. The first thing you will notice when you buy a Lian Li Case is the quality and engineering put into the design of the case. All the edges are perfectly rounded and smooth, The Side panel window cut is perfect with no sharp edges at all!

Once looking on the inside of the case you will notice 100% Aluminum construction! There is a good reason for this kind of construction. As you may or may not know Aluminum dissipates heat very quickly compared to Steel. So, since this case is 100% aluminum heat will not be an issue anymore with a decent amount of 80mm fans.

On the case we received, we were pleased to see a new design in effect on the front bezel, there are actually 2 light strips on the sides with blue LED?s that light up at night time! This looks very cool and added allot of jazz to the overall look of the case. Another thing you will notice is this case has a removable motherboard tray; this is very handy when working on your system and not wanting to tear all the pci?s out and cables to change a heatsink or work on the unit! One of the other good things about Lian Li Cases is there weight. These cases weigh about 50% less than standard Steel cases due to the aluminum construction, So carrying this baby to LAN?s is not a problem anymore. The precut window on this case is very nice, what is interesting here is the removable window! There are a nice array of screw?s around the window and when removed the window can easily be removed. Also Lian Li has taken it 2 steps further with a included plastic window insert with a checkered design to make the window look a little bit different. You will never guess what else is included, the aluminum cutout is included so you can actually fill the big window hole and make it look like a regular case! Brackets are included for the transformation!!! I was so supprised at all this I couldn?t believe it when I saw it. Lian Li is simply genius with there stylish looks, awesome cooling, excellent engineering and best quality of any PC case on the market. It?s no wonder TRUE computer enthusiasts choose Lian Li over the competition.

As if this isn?t enough they even include a custom cut Blow Hole in the top of the case with a fan to exhaust the hot air sitting in the top of the case!! It just doesn?t get any better than this. So, if you?re serious about quality and cooling pick this case up as soon as possible.

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