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DangerDen Interview - Dan

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Company: DangerDen
Person Interviewed: Dan
Company Position: Owner
Date: 09.11.02
Interviewer: KoiHoshi

Thanks to

For Allowing Us To Get An Interview

Danger Den looks awesome, what got it started?
Three Friends, Jeremy and Dennis along with myself (Dan) were interested in water cooling but could not find any decent or reliable water blocks so we thought ?We make a better water block? and them came the Maze1 that was in the summer of 2000

What did you have in mind when you started Danger Den as far as goals, and competition?
Supporting our computer habits. That?s what we wanted to do, sell some water blocks make a couple of dollars to cover our costs, get some free gear and do some reviews and test out the latest gear. As far as competition we never really thought too much about it, we just wanted to get some water cooling gear to the water cooling community.

The first thing I noticed when I went to the site for the first time was the home page: "Welcome to the Danger Den. The place where you can not only get cooling blocks but the latest computer hardware news." Thats quite a jump in criteria and service, what do you want users to get out of the combination of cooling products and hardware reviews for your site?
Like I mentioned before we wanted to get into the testing and reviewing game (just like the stuff you do) not just testing water blocks but video cards, mother boards, cases and the like. We thought it would be a cool place for the users to come and get the latest hardware news and reviews plus get some decent water cooling products to boot. We only wish we had the time to do more of both.

It seems it revolves around both now, but was the site originally revolved around hardware or cooling?
Water cooing was our first step and still is our primary concern but we would still like to find the time to do hardware reviews and test the latest gadgets.

The site seems very organized and easy to use, i even noticed a page that even offers customizable configuration kits! What did you mainly want your customers to get out your site by offering and using this?
The custom kit configure was made out of necessity, as our product line grew so did the choices. Our customers want so many different items and with all the different options we offer, fitting size, types of tubing, variety of pumps and radiators and the list goes on. This configure set up has saved us and our customers quite a bit of time.

DangerDen seems very concentrated on detail, usability for the site and customability for the customer. Do you see Dangerden as a high quality business because of the focus of those company traits? A fast growing business at that?
It all comes down to the fact that we are just some normal guys who want to treat our customers the same way we would want to be treated. Customer satisfaction is where it is all at and if you forget that you will not last long even in a fast growing business like computer water cooling.

It seems water cooling has become very popular and almost a necessity for people who are demanding on constructing computers, as well as people who want a unique look and a unique system. Did you ever expect water cooling to get so popular?
LOL you should have heard Dennis?s wife and mine laugh at us when we started, under their breaths they joked about us selling 1-2 water blocks a month, well now it is a doing a bit better than that. Did we ever think it would get so popular? We like to believe that we saw a future in water cooling and moding cases (they go hand in hand) In the past it was guys in the garage moding and tuning cars and engines now the next generation is in the computer room moding and tuning computers.

What do you think will happen to water cooling in the near future or 2 years from now? Do you think it will be required for most new cpu's on the market?
Wow, looking into the future two years would be a good trick especially with the computer industry but in the near future we see the water cooling going more mainstream not only with the personal computer but with companies wanting to cool their servers and systems because of heat and sound related problems related with the newer CPUs.

What will DangerDen do to change to the new hardware and new cooling systems that will be coming out on the market in the future?
Hopefully we will be able to keep up with or stay ahead of the changes that are most certain to happen. We will need to change and bend and try to be innovative enough to stay completive.

I noticed a "Giveaway" section on the site. It seems self explanitory, is it a contest or is it a first come first serve thing for the fans of DangerDen?
When we first started we wanted to people to notice us and what better way than offer something ?Free? most usually 1 or more water blocks. When we do have a Giveaway going on we just roll the mouse up and down the names in our giveaway emails and whatever name we land on is the lucky winner. We even have picked reviewers before but since it looked like we were catering to the review sites we picked new winners and sent blocks to both.

What about DangerDen and DangerDen's products stick out on the market and competes with other companies and their products?
We like to believe that with our customer service and our quality water cooling gear we can stay even with the other guys, and more and more are joining it to the fray all the time.

On your own personal opinion, what is your favorite current line of products overall that your company sells from DangerDen?
Not to be biased I would have to pick the Maze3 series water block.

What about the products and services of DangerDen, or in your own words, would you say in your own words makes the foundation of DangerDen?
It all comes back to treating people the way you would want to be treated, with respect, and giving them what they want really helps too :)

Is there a specific impression, or example that the members of DangerDen are trying to set and reach out to modders, and all other computer lovers out there
If it weren?t for the modders and computer lovers we would not even be around so when our name is mentioned in their respective circles we would hope it is done so with high regard and not with any acrimony.

Does DangerDen have any big plans for the future, more DangerDens, a bigger DangerDen, anything like that?
Just yesterday we received a new Milling Center at our shop, and should have it up and running within the next week. There are many plans on the shelf at the Den but not yet ready for discloser :)

Thanks for your time, and good luck with the DangerDen!

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