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Red Optic Panaflo Fan 120mm

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Manufacturer: PCMods
Product Name: Red Optic 120mm FAN
Reviewer: SpLiZaaT

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

Panaflo has been known to make some of the best performing fans around while keeping noise down. The beast we have received today is called ?The Beast? in our labs due to the size of this fan. 120mm is a HUGE fan, but this isn?t any regular fan, this baby is fitted with some awesome LED?s! When turned on the LED?s shine through the blades to create a really nice red glow around the whole fan. While testing we were surprised at the low noise levels from this unit for its size and good amount of air flow. This baby puts out around 40db BUT most other 120mm fans put out around 46db-50db or more! One thing we really liked about this package was the socketed LED?s so you can change the colors of the LED?s anytime very easily, this is a big plus in our books. Power usage is only 0.6amps!!! Pretty amazing for a 120mm fan this size and this strong. The only problem I could see with this fan is the huge hole you will have to cut to fit it into any case. I mean this thing is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!! But if you?re a extreme overclocker like we are then I?m sure you will find a way to make it fit!

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