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Chrome Appliqu

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Manufacturer: Unknown
Product Name: Chrome Appliqu?
Provider: ComputerSphere.Net
Reviewer: SpLiZaaT

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

When you make a cut on your case, you want it to add a little bit of ?spice? to the case. Sure, the lights and molding and rounded cables add a great effect, but the way to really finish off a window is by adding an appliqu?. If you were unable to make the complex cut you had in mind, show off your personality with an appliqu? added to a regular square window. This particular Appliqu? of the ?Playboy Bunny? was provided to us by Alex, owner of . After talking with Alex, he does not directly make the appliqu?s he sells, but is supplied from a local dealer which is just as quick. When I received the appliqu?, I noticed this appliqu? was a little bit different than the others. After peeling off the white backing I noticed that this was no ?ordinary? window decoration, this one was CHROME! That?s right, chrome. There are many advantages to chrome such as the look of course against a shiny or aluminum case. A couple disadvantages are that the chrome appliqu? is not see-through which means you may want to cut your window a bit bigger to see around it. A lot of talk about chrome appliqu?s have been going around, but let us not forget the classic red, blue and etch variety which are also available from ComputerSphere. After installing the appliqu? on a test piece of acrylic, I couldn?t help but stare at this beautiful shiny deco. The actual quality of the appliqu? itself was also great quality-the curves were rounded smooth, no bubbles and VERY accurate to the original picture. Whether it?s for a car, computer, window or door, ComputerSphere has a great selection of appliqu?s in all colors and sizes. If you don?t see something you like, inquire about a custom appliqu? of YOUR favorite picture or design.

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