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Blue LED Fan w/Speed Control

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Manufacturer: CreAir
Product Name: 80mm Clear Fan with Blue LEDs/Speed Control
Reviewer: SpLiZaaT

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

When it comes to cooling the cases, many people have a hard time choosing the RIGHT fan. Everyone?s ?right? fan is different though. Some people aim for the loudest, most air pushing fan there is where others aim for the quietest, middle of the road cfm fan. The Blue LED Fan from is one of those middle of the road fans. Not only do you have the chance to change the speed with the built in speed control, but at full speed, this bad boy can push up to 52.6cfm. For ANY 80mm fan, not including Vantec?s Tornado, this is way more than expected. When this fan is at its fullest, it runs as high as 4000 rpm but sound may be a problem at 41.7 dBA. Did I forget to mention these fans are made from CLEAR plastic with two deep blue LEDs in the ?hub?? That?s right! These sweet fans have two blue LEDs in the center of the fan which don?t spin. Although these are not nearly bright enough to light a case?s insides these do make a spectacular addition to any case if the fans are seem in direct line of sight. Stock, this fan runs off 3-pin motherboard connector, but includes a 3-pin to Molex converter for direct hook up to power supply. These 80mm fans are definitely worthy of cooling any case from Antec to Lian-Li and at $8.00 a piece, why not grab two or three and change all of your fans out?

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