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Blue EL Wire

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Product Name: Blue EL Wire
Reviewer: SpLiZaaT

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

Our loyal sponsor, had this awesome set of blue EL wire sent to us. If you are not sure what EL means, no it isn?t Spanish- it stand for ?Electro-Luminescent.? In other words, EL means that it lights up. The EL wire from is quite different from most other EL wires from other distributors- the kit from is flat and about ?? wide and kind of reminds me of EL tape. This kit included the EL wire itself, inverter in plastic box and molex connector for easy hookup. After looking over the key items with this kit, I noticed that the inverter was constructed quite well. Rather than it being a plastic box with the inverter inside, it had the inverter inside a plastic shell which was later filled by resin which means that everything is stuck in place and you do no longer run the risk of having a capacitor fall off the inverter, or anything fall off in general. Next I noticed the size of the inverter. The size of the inverter that comes with this kit is actually extremely small- what does this mean to you? This means that with this kit, you are able to hookup almost anywhere in the case without having a huge visible inverter in the window.

In this picture you can clearly see the brightness in mid afternoon as the sun is going down.

The next thing to be tested was performance, so I plugged the EL wire into the inverter and plugged the molex into the power supply. Through a lot of testing with El products, I have noticed that the inverters happen to put out a often high pitched frequency which was extremely annoying, but the inverter in the kit was absolutely silent. I let the kit continue to run for nearly two days straight before proceeding with the review and noticed that the inverter did not put off ANY heat. It was almost as though it had never been plugged in! As far as the light put out by this kit, I was disappointed with the amount of light that showed in the day time. When the sun was out or the lights were on, it was VERY hard to tell that the EL wire was even on, but at night time-everything was different and it was bright as can be. After testing this kit, I am certain you would want to use this on a mod that include DIRECT sight with the EL wire rather than use it to put off light or light up a case. offers these kits in Red, Blue and green ? all which are very stylish. The blue kit which we had a chance to test gave off a light blue color which was very original. If you like the idea of the EL wire, check out . Their 24? kit runs for $14.99!

This pic is to give a visual on the inverter. You can see how the wires come out from the resin casting. Very Slick design!

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