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Laser Etched Window Kit

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Product Name: Laser Etched Window Kit
Reviewer: SpLiZaaT

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

If you have read ARTbyTROY?s how-to on planning your mods, you will realize that planning a mod is almost the important part! When it comes to planning a window mod, you have MANY important decisions to make as far as making a custom window, window kit, molding, etches etc. If you decide to go for the stock-window kit look versus the custom-unique look, you may want to look into CrazyPC?s new laser etched window kit. Not only is this kit a window, but comes with a professionally etched design which is often better that a normal appliqu? in the respect that it is able to be illuminated for a fantastic effect! CrazyPC sent us the ?atomic? version of their kit. Before we get into that, let?s take a look at the part. Included with this kit is the etched window, chrome molding, aluminum tape and a piece of paper used for outlining your cut. If you wish to illuminate the window with a cold cathode or led, you may choose to use the aluminum tape provided and line the edge of the lexan window to help harness the light and make it more ?intense.? The molding included is what we call ?car? molding which you will often see lining the doors of car parts. It is definitely not expensive molding, but it does get the job done. The etch itself appears to be high quality. The etch is perfectly even with no bumps, ridges or dips which may cause uneven lighting once the window is lit up. Moving on to the installation, we start by outlining the desired cut (from the guide paper) onto the case. Next, you will need to pull out a Jigsaw or Dremel Rotary tool and make the precise cut. If you have made your cut with steady hands and patience and never slipped, this is where you apply the chrome ?car? molding to the edge of the cut. The glue inside the ?U? shaped molding will assist in holding it into place. At this point, you now have the decision to light the window up like in the picture below or to leave it as a plain etch. If you decide to light it like we did, you would proceed to cutting the Aluminum tape into a long ?? strip and then apply it to the EDGE of the window all the way around. Once this is finished, it is up to you to devise a way of lighting it. To hold the window into place, I found it rather SAD that CrazyPC would put together such a nice looking kit and have the window held by VELCRO. To me- this totally ruined the high class window kit. I would have loved to see them include a syringe with silicon inside which is MUCH more secure for holding the window into place. At this point- I would simply hand the Velcro to my mother for sewing purposes and pull out my caulking gun loaded with silicon and firmly press the window against the case. Remember to allow at least 12 hours drying time before touching the window again!

You can see the glue in the bottom of the "U" shaped molding with this close up picture.

For reviewing purposes, We skipped to lighting the window and to my surprise, this etch picked up a fair amount of light creating a sweet effect almost as if the atomic etch was glowing. The etched window kit from CrazyPC performed a little less than par. They included all pieces necessary for any window kit all the way down to the paper guide, but some of the parts included were not as well thought out as they could have been . I would suggest tossing the velcro and using silicon to hold the window to the side panel. The chrome molding isn?t very high quality but it?s a good thing isn?t big and bulky like the ugly black molding that come with most kits. sells not only the atomic laser etches, but the ever so popular nuclear, ying and yang and tribal symbol. Unfortunately this window kit sells for $29.95, which is really expensive considering I could recreate this entire kit for less than $5.00 (Using a Dremel to etch). If you think about it, CrazyPC really needs to drop prices- most people buying window kits do case modding as a hobby for fun, not as a million dollar job.

Here's a picture of the aluminum tape included. Way more than needed which can be used on future projects if necessary. You can see by the glare of the flash that this is obviously good at keeping light in.

By lighting the window from the side, you can see the sweet effect this adds to the entire appearance.

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