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ClearCase DCi CM 42

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I finally stepped back and checked out this sick looking case. The top and back blue panels really added an indescribable effect. All the brass being shown from the front drive filler plugs plus the brass screws in the corners made this case look royal as well. I was impressed by the construction of the case. At this point, with metal cases I would normally conduct the weight test where I strike a pose on top of the case, but I was not about to do it with case. One of the disadvantages to an acrylic case, as you may have already guessed is the actual ?strength.? Acrylic is unable to hold as much weight as any metal case, which is why you should remember to offer full carrying support with any acrylic style case. The last thing I had to install was the IO Plate in the rear of the case, and I was a little bit discouraged with what I saw. The IO Plate included for this case was just a thin piece of metal which was screwed to the actual acrylic. Moving onto the PCI section in the rear, once again I was a bit turned off by what I saw. To hold in the PCI Cards, a cheesy piece of acrylic was included which you screw the PCI cards into, but which leaves any slot without a card OPEN. OPEN PCI plates bring dust to the case, which looks horrible on acrylic! After taking a look at the review on Pheaton of the same case, I noticed that the RED version of this case is the only one which has an anodized piece of metal which covers all holes in the back panel and makes PCI mounting and IO panel appearance much more tolerable. This brings me to my next point. When buying an acrylic case, remember that ANY PIECE OF DUST will make the case look atrocious. It will take frequent cleaning with a non abrasive glass cleaner like ?SprayWay? to keep this case shining.

When I inspected the method that was chosen for holding in the hard-drives, floppy and any 5.25? devices, I was impressed that they has been smart enough to allow the devices to stay far enough from the Plexiglas that it wouldn?t pick up electro-static discharges, but at the same time I was a little bit worried about a 1.5? GAP between the acrylic and the device in fear that any bump may send my hard-drives flying! I wasn?t so worried about the floppy drives, and any 5.25? device fit snuggly up against both pieces of acrylic for a reassuring fit :) . If you do not plan on attending any LAN parties or frequently moving your case, the hard-drive issue should not be a problem, but who buys an acrylic case and keeps it isolated? I know that if I bought an all clear case, I would want to show it off to anyone willing to look! LAN parties and frequent moving of acrylic cases unfortunately also bring scratches. Acrylic scratches both more and worse than any aluminum case out there and the worst part about it is that you can?t just run a can of spray-paint over an acrylic side panel to cover it up. That?s right ? your case is going to have some permanent tattoos as I like to call them!

Other than a few minor design flaws in this case it?s good, but we can?t forget about cooling! This acrylic case has FIVE, 80mm fan holes drilled and ready for fan installation. Also included are plenty of fan screws to reach through the acrylic panels into the fans! Don?t you worry about cooling, in this case everything from intake to side panel intakes and top exhaust has been covered!

If you can find other ways around the rear panel and hard-drive mounting, acrylic cases are certainly an interesting and original way to show off your ?guts?. Keep in mind that when buying an acrylic case, you are vowing to keep dust, fingerprints and scratches from getting to it in order to keep its beautiful shiny appearance. Good mod ideas for acrylic cases include everything from appliqu?s (which would be visible through all sides of the case) to cold cathode lighting to even laser etching! If you don?t mind a pricey but lightweight solution for your next case, consider the DCi CM 42-BL. If you are not a fan of the blue panels, this case is also available in all clear, red and tinted (black) to fit anyone?s personality/color scheme. If you have any interest in this type of case you should check out where this case is available for purchase for about $178.00 US.

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