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HeavyDuty Pro Case Handles

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Manufacturer: Unknown
Product Name: HeavyDuty Pro Case Handles
Reviewer: SpLiZaaT

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

Whether you are carrying your case into another room or transporting it across the state to a LAN party, case handles are absolutely the easiest and quickest way to pick up a case and go. MNPCTech, one of my favorite modding sites, gave us the chance to look at their Industrial Strength Case handles. Immediately after pulling this set of handles, I was intrigued by their weight. For a set of two handles, they weighed an awful lot. This brought me to examining the construction. I was quick to notice these handles being made of stainless steel. From the looks of it, these handles are easily 1mm thick, or about as thick as a normal side panel. The handle itself while composed of steel that is encased in a thick, hard rubber which makes it a little bit easier on the hands and gives you more grip than just a piece of bare metal. The next thing I noticed was that these handles are spring loaded. To keep them "low-profile". When not being used the handles fall back into their "concave" construction. This obviously makes case stacking and storage easier during transportation! Included with the handles, we received the hardware to mount them into the case and a paper template for cutting the right sized hole. After cutting using the template the concave design of the handles fit right into place and the bolt holes lined up perfect as well. We simply threw a bolt in each hole and from the inside put on a washer and nut. The nuts were then tightened once all ten bolts were in place. Overall, installation took no longer than 25 minutes with a Dremel or jigsaw and the handles made the finished case look much better than before.

After installing the handles I had all the confidence in the world that these would not break. Another thing I was satisfied with is that it doesn?t take a professional to make this mod look great. No matter how uneven or jagged the cut is it won?t be seen because the edge of the handle covers up the cut. A set of these handles with full mounting hardware (your choice of rivets or nut/bolts) is $20.00 including UPS shipping to ANYWHERE in the U.S. Through our testing, we were not able to find anything negative with these handles, although they are a bit pricey compared to what most hardware stores charge. Installing handles really beats having to get your friend to lift your case while you feed a strap underneath for a case harness. It?s not only a quick mod, but it adds a whole new aspect of functionality and looks to the case, especially if painted with Duplicolor?s new Metalcast paint which MNPCtech uses on all their cases!

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