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CoolerMaster Neon LED Fan (80mm)

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Manufacturer: CoolerMaster
Product Name: Neon LED Fan (80mm)
Reviewer: SpLiZaaT

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

Since the beginning of computers, proper cooling has been essential. As the modding community has progressively become larger many manufacturers have taken the initiative to take cooling a bit further by using? LEDS! One of the greatest known aluminum case manufacturers of all time, Cooler Master, has followed the trend with one of their newest products ? The BLUE neon led fan. Tony from was kind enough to let us review this product (one of his newest products in stock). After pulling it from the mailbox, I couldn?t help but notice that the fan was entirely clear (as was it?s plastic packaging). When I pulled the accessories from the box, I noticed that Cooler Master included everything from 4 black mounting screws to a 3pin-to-Molex converter. After removing the fan from the packaging I was quick to notice that Cooler Master, once again, lived up to their name by paying close attention to detail. The thin wire that powers the 4 LED?s in each corner is embedded in the side of the fan rather than having a big green conductive strip surrounding the fan like some other companies (no offense to Antec) do with their LED fans. I see this as a finer detail, especially when the fan is mounted in an acrylic window where all parts are visible.

Place your mouse over the Image to see the fan in Darkness!

After checking out the strength and construction of the fan, I finally got the chance to plug it into my power supply. Sure enough, all four LED?s lit and the fan worked as well. The four LED design creates a sweet look on the clear fan blades from the created glare. Although this fan did seem like an out-of-this-world item, there were a couple downsides I noticed as soon as I plugged it in. First off, I noticed that after the first day of the fan being on, the LEDs all of the sudden began to flicker and haven?t stopped flickering since. It?s almost like the fan is taking too much power, or it could just be defective. Next thing I noticed is that the fan doesn?t pull much air. Compared to the 80mm fans I have in my case, this one seemed like it was barely on! Although airflow is key, to some people, so is noise control. I can?t fully complain about the air, because I am the kind of person that will sacrifice airflow for low noise. I LOVE a silent fan, and the Cooler Master Neon LED Fan struck a chord when I was not able to hear a THING! Compared to other LED fans, the Cooler Master would be on my list of top choices. I have seen led fans that are fairly cheesy when it comes to led placement and the Cooler Master neon led Fan is not one of them. Although the Antec LED fan only has three LED?s it appears to be a bit brighter (possibly due to LED placement) AND pull more air and as such remains my favorite choice. Pham Computer sells the Cooler Master Neon LED new off the shelves for $9.99 which is VERY comparable to any fan be it clear or not, but I will have to check out another one (that hopefully won?t flicker) before I can fully recommend this product.

***Rating Still Pending Until Further Sampling***

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