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Vantec ThermaFlow Case Fans

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Manufacturer: Vantec
Product Name: ThermaFlow Case Fan
Reviewer: Kenn

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

Vantec has developed a series of fans to meet the demand for maximum cooling with a minimal amount of noise. The ThermoFlow Temperature Controlled case fans are available in 60, 80 92, and 120mm. These fans are ideal for the person who is modding their computer or building a new one and don't want to tackle the job or lack the ability to build a bay bus to control the fans. Problem solved. By controlling the speed of the fans thermally it makes these fans energy efficient also.

Each fan comes with mounting screws, standard device plug and a separate plug for sense which can be plugged into the motherboard for monitoring the fan rpm's. A word of caution when installing the fan: After installing the fan and prior to applying power check to ensure that the sensor (in the back) clears the fan blades. During installation it is very easy to inadvertently push the sensor into the fan blades path and possibly ripping the sensor off the fan.

Here's the Spec Sheets STRAIGHT from Vantec's website on the 80mm fan.

Computer Configuration Used In the Testing:
MSI K7T266 Pro
AMD 1800+
512mb Corsair DDR
nVIDIA e-gforce2 MX400 w/64mb
Panasonic A03, DVD-RAM
Netgear FA10TX ethernet
HDD 3 fan cooler
3 - 80mm front intake fans
1 - 92mm side intake fan
1 - 92mm rear exhaust fan
1 - 120mm rear exhaust fan
Global Win Copper CAK-II 38, 7000RPM HSF

Ambient room temperature was 21.6c. For this test I removed one (1) 80mm from the front and the 92mm side intake fan. I ran two (6) passes of Sandra Professional to obtain the high temps. Just by swapping out 2 fans, the temperatures dropped by 1 degree celsius. The Vantec ThermoFlow fans also helped cool down the temps 11 seconds sooner than my exisiting Panaflo fans.

Conclusion: The Vantec ThermoFlow series of fans would make an excellent alternative for anyone replacing their case fans or an individual building a new computer. The added advantage of having thermally controlled speed eliminates the requirement of having an external device to control the speed, thus a cost savings. Dual ball bearings help reduce noise and prolong the life of the fans. Along with a Lifetime Warranty, makes these fans a very attractive alternative

The only drawback that I could find was the lack of a Y connector or pass thru that would eliminate the need for a separate connector for each fan.

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