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Winamp LED Visualization

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Finishing UP/Software!
On the 2 LED's with dual resistors (if you're using 1.7V LED's), you will want to heat shrink the connection. Since I didn't think about it ahead of time, I taped it later.

Clean up wiring if necessary, but otherwise you're done! Now plug that baby in and crank it up. Case placement isn't critical, just as long as it's visible. I put mine on the side of my HDD bays with double-sided tape. You can find the best WinAmp (2.x only) plug-in For DOWNLOAD HERE!

The vis_leds.dll must be placed in the plugin directory of a functioning WinAmp version 2.xx. To select it, go to options (by right-clicking anywhere there isn't a button) and go to visualization -> select plugin. Then go to visualization and select LEDs flashing machine. Next go to the bottom dropdown box and select your mode. Experiment until you find your favorite. Enjoy!

Afterthought: Placement in a project box will make this a more metal friendly and visually attractive (clean) mod. You could also experiment with putting it in a bay. Have fun!

UPDATE 11-13-02
If you run any OS based on the NT kernel (ie- Windows NT, 2000, or XP), you will need an additional program called Userport. UserPort allows you to control hardware resources (such as a parallel port), which is normally prevented in NT except by system functions. You will need to install then run UserPort and type "0x378-0x378" in the left hand box and then click "add". Then click "start" and "update". If you get a "Driver already started!" message, just click update. Now the plugin should work.

See A Movie Of this MOD In Action! (No sound)

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