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So-TrickComputers Red CCFL

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Manufacturer: Unknown
Product Name: Red Cold Cathode Light
Reviewer: SpLiZaaT

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

As some of you may know, I have a tendency of hanging out on some of the WWW?s largest modding community forums, [H]ard|Forums. After many threads, people both disappointed, frustrated with the colors (pink) of their generic red Cold Cathode, Robert from contacted me to let me know he has a REAL red cold cathode?none of that pink crap! After a couple days of waiting, the ?holy? package finally arrived from UPS and I broke open the box. I found the bulb itself surrounded by a lot of bubble wrap and placed in a THICK cardboard tube. Anxious to see what this cold cathode was capable of, I quickly pulled the bubble wrapped bulb out along with the rest of the pre-assembled kit.

Upon inspecting the actual wiring harness, things were pretty standard. I pulled out my tape measure and found that there was 10? of wire from the back of the molex to the inverter and 12? of wire from the other side of the inverter to the actual bulb. Including the inverter, from the back of the molex connector to the bulb there is a total of 25? of wire. This might seem like a lot but when you consider an additional 12? of wire for the actual SWITCH, things change A LOT! Placement of the cold cathode in such a position which could allow easy ?on/off? access if awfully tricky without having to pull out the wire-strippers and soldering iron to add wire length. The actual inverter with this kit is covered with a great plastic casing to keep the user from being shocked. Most inverters I have ever seen prior to this kit have a heat shrunk inverter which tends to look a little bit cheesy. The ends of this 12? cold cathode are capped with clear blocks much like the more popular ones found from PCMods. This is my most preferred way to get a cold cathode because it creates a ?finished? and most importantly, a clean and professional look. It also allows light to travel from the ends. The clear acrylic shell around the actual bulb is not clear like most ccfl?s but it is RED which I am almost positive ? makes the cold cathode a bolder red than a pinkish tint. The last piece to this kit was the switch. A little bit hard to get used to, this switch requires a push rather than a switch motion. After drilling a hole in your case or bay fillers, it can easily be installed by unscrewing the black plastic washer and screwing the switch in. Total installation time for me took about fifteen minutes including the time to plan where it might give out most light and installing switch.


When I finally placed the cold cathode in its special place, I simply plugged in the molex connector and pushed the switch into it?s ?on? position. If you have ever owned any type of PC lighting, it does take time for the gas inside the bulb to warm-up and the same concept went for this bulb. It took about 10 minutes for the bulb to reach full strength and when it did, I was thoroughly impressed by the boldness of its red color. EVERY other red cold cathode I have seen thus far in life has brought nothing but PINK ? which is brighter because it?s a lighter color- but unless you are a girl, why pink? I guess it?d go good with a heart shaped window cut or something? Haha! When the light finally did reach its full strength it was not as bright as I had expected, but that?s just something you will have to sacrifice for the color everyone wants! After leaving the cold cathode on for nearly 48 hours, there were no problems with flickering or bulb/inverter burn outs ? it was still burning strong! And the last thing I wanted to check with this kit before unplugging it was the actual temperatures of the bulb and inverter boxing. I thought that the box around the inverter may have created a ?warm air pocket? around the inverter but I was completely wrong. This cold cathode definitely stuck to its reputation by staying just above my room temperature.

PC-lighting can add such great effects whether you are lighting up the front grill on a chassis or the entire inside! When it comes to the less popular, RED, many people end up mad and confused as to why their cold cathode lighting does not put off a true red tint, but end your searches now modders ? has the answer. Their TRUE red kit is not only a professionally presented, but is totally affordable at only $15.95. This is the lowest price I have ever seen on a cold cathode and it?s almost the exact same kit that PCMods sells for $5.00 more! If you are looking for a great new look on your pc with a more, unusual color, check out the cold cathodes from!

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