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CD-Rom Window

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CD-Rom Window
Author: Sky

Thanks to
For Providing Us With Mod Pictures

Materials Needed
Cutoff Wheels
Plastic CD case
Glue ? Model Glue Used

The Mod
1. Find a CD-ROM lying around and get ready to mod it. First, figure out how to take the thing apart. Each CD-ROM is different. It?s not difficult to figure out. Remove the faceplate carefully and set aside. This usually pops off with little plastic tabs that you do not want to break. You can also remove the disk tray cover at this point and set it aside also.

2. Find the screws on the CD-ROM and start removing them. Put them in a cup or something, cuz if you loose ?em they are hard to replace as they are all different sizes and shapes.

3. Remove all stickers. And yes, that one that says, ?Warranty void if removed?. And yea, this mod does void your warranty, so keep it in mind if it?s your parent?s or girlfriend?s CD-ROM. Set the cover aside for now.

4. Using your ruler, measure from the back of the CD-ROM insides (guts of the unit) to the middle of where the CD sits. Write that measurement down as you will need it soon.

5. Set the CD-ROM insides or guts to the side. Get out the cover again. Take your ruler and draw a line down the longest part of the CD-ROM cover. This needs to be exactly down the center so MEASURE it. Then take your measurements from earlier (when you measured the guts from the back) and plot that point on the line. Draw a line across the shortest part CD-ROM cover. Now you have identified the center of the circle you are going to cut. Take a CD and sit it with the center of the CD on your point. Hold it carefully and draw and outline around CD on the cover.

6. Now for the easy part. Take out your dremel and cut the window using the reinforced cutoff wheels or diamond bit cutoff wheels.

7. Clean up the edges with the sanding tool on the dremel, grinding bit or "bastard file."

8. Paint it. Whatever color you want. Paint the front bezel if you need to. Let it dry for the recommended time that your brand of paint suggests.

9. Now you need a CD case. Take one of those useless AOL CD cases and break the top off of it. This is going to be the window for the hole your just cut. Shape the edges up with the dremel or a file and get it nice and flat so it doesn?t take up too much space. Using model glue - glue the window in place on the underside of the CD-ROM cover.

10. Stack something on this and let it dry for at least 2 hours.

11. Now find all the screws (that I know you didn?t put in the cup like I told you) and put this CD-ROM back together. And there you go, now plug it in and make sure it still works.

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