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Californeon Lightstrip

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Manufacturer: Californeon
Product Name: Lightstrip
Reviewer: Tony

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

Click on pictures for larger size.


Pic-1: Front view of the Californeon package, green dot indicates the color.

On the back is the package contents, technical information, Californeon's address and contact information.

Technical Information:
Input voltage: 12V DC
Output voltage: 280V AC @ 1500 Hz
Current draw: 1/10th of a watt per square inch
Brightness: 160 lux


Pic-3: Here is the contents: 5 feet of lightstrip, 12v inverter, and an instruction page.

The instruction page; as it says, the lightstrip is just plug and play. Very straight forward and easy to follow instructions.

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Pic-5: Here is the entire light strip.? Wires from the molex to inverter are 22 inches,? from the inverter to lightstrip it is 10 inches, and the lightstrip itself is 5 feet.? It comes fully assembled with everything connected, no wires to plug in or parts to loose.

Close up of the inverter, molex, and the connection to lightstrip which is covered by heatshrink.

Pic-7:? The Californeon inverter is 2 3/8 inches long, 1 1/16 inches wide, and 5/8? inches tall.? There is also double sided tape on the bottom to keep it in place inside the case. The inverter makes a high pitched humming noise, but isn't noticeable when inside a closed case.? The inverter is small enough that it will fit almost anywhere in your case.

Pic-8: Close view of the connection and of the front and back of the lightstrip.? The lightstrip is 1cm wide, but only actually 5mm is lit when powered. The back of the lightstrip has removable backing, when peeled it will stick to just about anything. If you find that the lightstrip is too long or your needs, you can actually cut it shorter, just make sure you cover the end with some tape.


Pic-9: View of the lightstrip in the dark showing off its green glow.

Pic-10: Another view in the dark.


Pic-11: The first idea I had to use the lightstrip was to wrap it around the clear fan in the blowhole of my case.? I wrapped it around two times because there was enough room.? I only needed about 2 feet to go around the 80mm fan.

Pic-12: Same fan, but in the dark and shot from above.? Gives a very nice glow, better than I expected.


Pic-13: Next I put the lightstrip inside for entire case lighting. There was enough tape to go around my mid tower case. The strip was very easy to work with; flat, small, and flexible.

Pic-14: Shot with the side panel on. I had to increase the exposure time to get the light to show well in the picture, causing the blurry image.? I would recommend only using the lightstrip for accent lighting, and not trying to light your whole case, it only gives a soft glow.

This is a good product if you are looking to highlight areas of your case, or just want to have something different than others.? You can buy the light strip in 7 colors: white, aqua, red, yellow, green, orange, and exotic blue, and the color is consistent throughout the entire 5 feet.? It is very easy to install and you don't have to worry about breaking it due to its flexibility.? The Californeon lightstrip is well made and should last a long time if cared for.

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