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Twisted CCFLs!

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Twisted CCFLs!
Author: Heyman

Are you sick of those old 12? perfectly straight cold cathodes? Wish you could bend and contort it to fit around your window or curve it to fit into your fan grill? Well in this guide I?ll show you exactly how to do this. The results are mixed so I?ll warn you now: DO NOT attempt this unless you are able to risk completely destroying your cathode. It is very easy to provide too much heat to the glass, which causes the glass to implode upon it?s self, which can significantly lower the quality/life-span of the cathode.

First I will discuss the tools required to attempt this ?procedure?. I recommend the use of gloves and safety glasses because the glass can get very hot and I?ve got a few nice little burn marks on my fingers from not using gloves. In the sad event that the glass does break, it might be a good idea to wear glasses just in case you?re gazing at it just a little too close and a piece of glass flies towards your eye when it cracks. For heating the glass, I used a standard blowtorch used to fix pipes. This also works with a candle but it requires almost three times as much work as the flame is not nearly as hot as from the torch.

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