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RED So-Trick Kit

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Manufacturer: Various
Product Name: So-Trick Kit
Provider: So-Trickcomputers
Reviewer: Tony

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review


Click on pictures for larger size.


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?Pic-1: Front side of everything in the kit, there is 1 rounded floppy cable, 2 rounded IDE cables, 1 Thermaltake Memory Cooling Kit, 1 Evercool Aluminum Frame Case Fan, and 1 Thermaltake Blue Orb.

Pic-2:? Back side of everything.


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Pic-3: Out of their clear plastic package you can now see rounded cables, the IDE cables have a master and slave connectors. Blue goes to the motherboard, gray is for slave, and black is for the master drive.? The IDE cables are 18" long, and the floppy cable is 10".

Pic-4:? End covers are pulled back so you can see the wires, the IDE cables have red and white wires while the floppy cable has gray and green.

? ? ? ?? ?????

Pic-5: The Aluminum Frame Case Fan. This would have looked better if they also colored the fan blades red.? Also, you can see that the fan uses one ball bearing.

Pic-6: Back of the package with specifications.? There is a low, medium, and high speeds listed, but the fan is not variable.? With a little looking at the Evercool site I found out low speed is 5V, medium is 12V and high is 24V.? One thing that I did not like is that the specifications only show numbers, now units that they are measured in to be seen.


  • Speed: 4500 RPM

  • Voltage: 12V

  • Current: 0.18A

  • Airflow: 24CFM

  • Air Pressure: 5.17

  • Noise: <28 dBA

  • Size: 60x60x25mm


Pic-7: Contents of the package: 1 aluminum frame case fan, and a bag with 4 screws.? The fan uses a 3 pin connector, would have been nice if a 4 pin adapter was included.? Also, the white plastic supporting the middle does not look good, if this was colored the same as the fan blades it would've looked much better.

Pic-8: The fan by itself, you can see how reflective the blades actually are.? Only the outside frame of the fan is aluminum, the blades are just painted plastic.? The fan blades are rather sharp, so a guard would be good to have.? The fan weighs approximately 4 ounces.? I did not have any other 60mm fans around, but I did have a regular 80mm fan, which weighs about 3 ounces.? The aluminum does add a bit of weight.


Pic-9: Front of the memory cooling package, the product inside looks very nice.

Pic-10: Back of the package with installation instructions, dimensions, and specifications.



Pic-11: Contents of the package, 2 heat spreaders, 2 heatsinks, 2 clips, 4 pieces of thermal tape, and 1 metallic case sticker.

Pic-12:? Here are the heat spreaders and the heatsinks. Everything is made from aluminum and anodized red.? The bottom of the heatsinks are noticeably not smooth, this could result in less heat transfer and higher temperatures.


Pic-13: Blue Orb package with contents on the left.? The name Blue Orb is a bit confusing since the hsf is actually red.? Inside you will find the blue orb, a 3 to 4 pin adapter, mounting pins, and some thermal paste.? The orb is rated as having a 50,000 hour lifetime.


  • Fan Size: 50x50x12mm

  • Voltage: 12V DC

  • Current 0.16A

  • Starting Voltage: 7.0V DC

  • Speed: 4600 RPM

  • Air Flow 12 CFM

  • Max Static Pressure 5.70mm-H20

  • Noise Level: 26 dBA


Pic-14: Bottom of the orb, the base is a bit small and I wonder if it will entirely cover a chipset.? Two mounting holes, if your video card or motherboard doesn't have the same holes as in the orb, you can just use thermal adhesive.

Pic-15: Front of the orb, the design looks very appealing.? If you use this on your video card you can forget about using the first pci slot, as the orb takes up too much room.

Pic-16:? Here is a picture of my case before installing the kit.


Pic-17 & 18: And after installing the kit, blue would've gone better with my case, but it still looks good.? Installation was pretty easy and took about 10 minutes for everything. The round cables free up much more space and look at lot better than the old gray flat cables.? The red adds a lot of color to my otherwise dark case.


Configuration used for testing:

  • MSI MS-6337 LE5

  • Pentium III 1 Ghz

  • 256mb PC133

  • Geforce 2 MX-400

  • Gigafast 10/100 NIC

  • LG 52x CD-ROM

  • Lite-On 40x12x48x CD-RW

  • Maxtor 5400 rpm 30 GB HDD

  • HEC-350LD PSU

  • 92mm front intake

  • 80mm top blowhole

  • 80mm PCI slot fan exhaust

  • 2x 80mm PSU exhaust

  • 60mm aluminum exhaust

  • Round cables

  • Memory cooling kit

  • Blue Orb

  • Stock Intel HSF

  • Windows 98se


Case temperature

HDD speed?

HDD random access time

Without kit


8012 kB/s

16.4 ms

With kit


8015 kB/s

15.6 ms

Testing conducted with an ambient room temperature of 20.1c.?The case temperature dropped 1.4c.? The HDD speed increased just a tad, and the random access time decreased by 0.8 ms.



??? This Trick Kit adds a few nice features to any case.? First, rounded cables are very normal now, not only because they look better, but they block less airflow.? The aluminum frame fan looked very good, and helped lower the case temperature.? The ThermalTake Memory Cooling Kit will help cool your hot ram and add security knowing it will not overheat. And last but not least, the Blue Orb? will help cool your hot video card or chipset.? This kit is an all-in-one mod kit, you wont have to go out and buy everything separate and pay high prices, instead you can buy everything to get you started in one easy to use kit.?I would recommend this kit to anyone who is into case modding and cooling.

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