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ThermalTake Copper RAM Cooling

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Manufacturer: ThermalTake
Product Name: Copper RAM Cooling
Reviewer: Tony

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

Click on pictures for larger size.

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?Pic-1: Nice packaging, showing off the copper through the clear plastic.

Pic-2:? Cardboard insert with product specifications.


  • 6063-T5 AL material heatsink

  • Golden anodize

  • High conductivity thermal pad

  • Cross cutting

  • Application for VGA card memory chip and memory module


  • Copper material heat spreader

  • Anti-oxygenating

  • High conductivity thermal pad

  • Spring clip easy to installed

  • Application for memory module

  • Patent pending


? ??

Pic-3: Contents, inside you get 2 heat spreaders, 2 heatsinks, 2 clips, 4 pieces of thermal tape, and 1 metallic case sticker.

Pic-4:? Here you can see the heat spreaders and the heatsinks. The heatsinks are 63.48 mm long, 21 mm wide, and 13.5 cm high.? The bottom of the heatsinks are not very smooth, with machining marks running the width of them.? One thing that is disappointing about this cooling kit is that the heatsinks are not made out of copper but instead aluminum, only the heat spreaders are copper. The heat spreaders are133.8 mm long, and 26.8 mm tall. The heat spreaders have a few scratches and dings when I first took them out of the package.

? ? ?? ?????

Pic-5: 256mb of PC-133 ram, I will be using this for testing.

Pic-6: Here are the clips that hold the heat spreaders onto the ram, they added a few scratches to the surface of the heat spreaders during installation.


Pic-7: Ram with heat spreaders clipped on, installation was a bit of a hassle as the clips just did not want to go on.

Pic-8: Another view, the heat spreaders do more than cool your ram, they look good to!

Configuration used for testing:

  • MSI MS-6337 LE5

  • Pentium III 1 Ghz

  • 256mb PC133

  • Geforce 2 MX-400

  • Gigafast 10/100 NIC

  • LG 52x CD-ROM

  • Lite-On 40x12x48x CD-RW

  • Maxtor 5400 rpm 30 GB HDD

  • HEC-350LD PSU

  • 92mm front intake

  • 80mm top blowhole

  • 80mm PCI slot fan exhaust

  • 2x 80mm PSU exhaust

  • Stock Intel HSF

  • Windows 98se

Without heat spreaders

With heat sprehu?s


Testing conducted with an ambient room temperature of 20.9c.? These are probably meant more for DDR ram not PC-133 like I was using.? As you can see the heat spreaders help drop the temperature about 1.4c.

The heat spreaders are not your do all cooling answer, but the kit will allow you to shave off a few degrees from your ram.? With today's faster computers, heat has become an important issue, the Thermaltake Copper Memory Cooling Kit can help you keep temperatures low to allow you to overclock, add stability and preserve your ram. Aside from the shameful performance of this kit, many modders and computer ehtusiasts choose ram cooling purely for looks. After all - who wouldn't enjoy shiny ram?!? The low price you can buy this kit for is well worth the security you will have knowing your memory will be kept cool along with the great looks through a window kit.?

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