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Ultimate Harddrive Cooler

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Manufacturer: Unknown
Product Name: Ultimate Harddrive Cooler
Reviewer: Tony

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

Click on pictures for larger size.



Pic-1: Front of the package, the clear front shows off the blue anodized heatsink.

Pic-2: Back of the package, shows features and installation instructions.


  • With 2 high performance DC fans.

  • Reduce the hard drive operating temperature up to 40%.

  • large extruded heat sink for maximum heat dissipation.?

  • Mounting kit suitable for external drive bay or internal drive bay installation.

  • Designed for high rpm SCSI and IDE hard drive.

  • An inexpensive solution to a potentially costly problem.


Pic-3: Contents, the hard drive cooler, with a bag of mounting screws.

Pic-4:? You can see the two fans, but the front grill is meant for three fans, a third fan would have been better.? The four screws, two on each side, have springs underneath to keep pressure between the hard drive and the heat sink for better heat transfer.


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Pic-5: Underside of the cooler, pass through molex connector on the left side.? Large surface area of the heat sink makes for better cooling.

Pic-6: Front grill taken off to show the two Evercool 40mm fans. The grill has an air filter behind it to catch dust and dirt before it gets inside your case. You can slide the front piece off if you ever need to clean the grill, or just don't want to have it limiting the airflow.


Configuration used for testing:

  • MSI MS-6337 LE5

  • Pentium III 1 Ghz

  • 256mb PC133

  • Geforce 2 MX-400

  • Gigafast 10/100 NIC

  • LG 52x CD-ROM

  • Lite-On 40x12x48x CD-RW

  • Maxtor 5400 rpm 30 GB HDD

  • HEC-350LD PSU

  • 92mm front intake

  • 80mm top blowhole

  • 80mm PCI slot fan exhaust

  • 2x 80mm PSU exhaust

  • Stock Intel HSF

  • Windows 98se

hard drive temperature

top of hard drive

bottom of hard drive






with cooler





without cooler





Testing conducted with an ambient room temperature of 21.7c.? As you can see the cooler lowered the hard drive temps about 3 degrees.? I was using a 5400 rpm HDD for testing so the cooler probably didn't get to show its full potential.

The Ultimate Hard Drive Cooler looks very cool and also keeps your hard drive very cool. Unlike many other hard drive coolers on the market, this one has a heat sink which helps to further cool the hard drive.? It is very easy to install and adds extra insurance to your expensive system.? The only problem I had with the cooler is with the front grill, and getting it installed properly, other than that this product lives up to its claims and will help keep your system cooler and more stable.

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