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MatrixOrbital BLK202A-WB-BK LCD

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Manufacturer: MatrixOrbital
Product Name: BLK202A-WB-BK LCD
Reviewer: SpLiZaaT

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

With the rise in popularity of case modding these days, it seems like that idea that was once a top-secret (being planned for your ?NEXT? mod) was just done by someone else. CRAP?! What next? Well since everyone already has a window and everyone already has the lights, is there really anything else to use these days besides parts from a hardware store? Unless you are extremely creative like Linear (using carbon fiber) or Mashie (LCD and Electricity g0d), it seems as though there is no hope?but WAIT! For the rest of us, there is indeed hope ? Matrix Orbital, a world renowned LCD manufacturer, is producing high quality liquid crystal displays which make customization as easy as the click of a button! For some of you who have heard of an LCD, many of your first thoughts coming to mind include ?complex wiring? and ?expensive?, but both are very untrue! Matrix Orbital LCD kits include everything you will ever need to run your LCD with ease, including cables, the LCD and even the drivers/software CD. Everything in this kit is installed after just a quick connection to a serial port and a molex connector. In case you have not figured it out quite yet, today we are taking a look at the Matrix Orbital BLK202A-WB-BK LCD with front accessible keypad.

When I first received this unit, I was thoroughly impressed by its presentation. It was shipped inside a white box with a nicely printed Matrix Orbital logo ? what does this have to do with the performance? Nothing! Seeing as this is my first ever LCD review and first ever LCD all together, I was amazed at what I was looking at once I opened up the white box. I noticed that Matrix Orbital also pre-attached the unit to a black bay insert, as we requested. The bay attachment itself included a very sleek and low profile, 7-button keypad with a left arrow, right arrow, up arrow, down arrow, ENTER button, F1 button as well as a F2 button. I, being the LCD newbie that I am, expected these buttons to be pre-configured upon connection, but soon found out it takes configuration through the software for these to work correctly. This may seem a little inconvenient, but you will be amazed by the options you have for these buttons when I get into the software part of the review. Rather than list off the specs of the actual LCD display in paragraph form, I have bullet listed them below for a little variety :).

Background Color: Dark Blue
Text Color: White
Display Dimensions: 18mm TALL x 81mm WIDE
Characters Wide: 20
Characters Tall: 2
Bay Insert Style: 5.25? Bay filler
Other Text Color Options: Red, Greenish-Blue, Black
Other Background Color Options: White, Red, Green
Other Faceplate Color Options: Beige

Displays: Text/Horizontal Bar graphs
General Purpose Outputs: Through software, control LEDs, fans, backlights etc according to system events!
Other Options: Scrolling Text, Live system status reports, Live bar graphs

Type Of Connection: Serial Port
Speed Of LCD: 19.2 kbps
Included: Software CD, Serial Cable, Serial to LCD cable, Y- power cable

The other items included in this package include the software disk, which is composed of the manual for installation (highly detailed), software to run the LCD and contact information for Matrix Orbital directly. The power cable in this kit is a Y-splitter with a special connector for powering the LCD, as well as a standard molex to connect any other device of choice. DO NOT connect ANY power cable other than the one provided! The length of the power cable concerned me a bit, as it was a bit hard to connect power to the unit in my cube without leaving any slack, but I managed to do so after disconnecting a couple of devices located in other parts of my case. Also included is an RS-232 cable which is surely long enough to connect the LCD anywhere in my case. This cable connects from the REAR of the LCD to a pre-made/included PCI slot cover with a serial connector exposed to the external parts of the case. To finish off the kit, also included is a nice little serial cable to connect from the computer?s serial/com1 or com2 port to the rear of the included PCI plate.

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